As per New Traffic Rule “C” for Counseling not Challan

MotoGazer Expressway Traffic challan
As per New Traffic Rule "C" for Counseling not Challan

News: New Traffic Rule Half-hour ‘Counseling’ Over ‘Challan’ For All Those Over speeding!

For all those impatient drivers who love ‘over speeding’ at the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, a new initiative has been undertaken by the RTO that is now acing the state headlines.


The new initiative highlights that a ‘30-minute’ comprehensive counseling session will be carried out instead of the regular ‘fine’ rule for speeding on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. In line with the initiative, the State Transport Commissioner – Mr. Vivek Bhimanwar said that the vehicle registration numbers of those overspeeding at the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will be sent to the next toll post where the on-duty RTO personnel will make sure that the violators spend will spend a fruitful half an hour for a comprehensive counseling session alongside replying to road safety related questions in the process!

The idea behind the all-new initiative is to make the traffic offenders and those overspeeding realize that if they had not jumped the traffic and road rules, they would have probably reached their desired destination sooner or most importantly, ‘30 minutes’ prior!


Mr. Vivek Bhimanwar also said that the state’s transport department has already set up two fully-functional counseling centers. One at ‘Khalapur’ and the other at the ‘Talegaon’ toll posts. He added that these counseling centers were make-shift containers that have been re-crafted and redesigned as a big AC hall. Comprising of a comprehensive seating arrangement along with TV, laptops, computers, and speakers, among the other facilities.


All the speed violators will first be escorted to the counseling center with an on-duty RTO personnel. Next, the violators will be asked to fill in their basic details including their name, mobile number. In addition to the driving license number on the given laptop.

Post feeding in the information, the RTO personnel will show the violator a ‘20-minute’ audio-visual documentary. The AV will be completely based on the aspects of road safety. Amidst the counseling process, the offenders will also be offered some refreshments including soft drinks and/or water.

Post watching the documentary, the violator will be asked nearly six to seven questions. The questions would be based on the traffic rules and road safety requisites to test the violator’s practical knowledge. After the process, the violator will be asked to read out a pledge and also sign it online. A copy of the same will be handed over to the violator right at the counseling center on the spot.


However, on the flip side, the initiative is said to be non-applicable for those people who are traveling with infants or senior citizens. Moreover, if someone is in a hurry due to an emergency or is running short of time to catch a flight. Such commuters will be exempted from this newly launched initiative.


The RTO has already set the initiative in motion from the 1st of December 2022. The transport commissioner said that with the initiative on the run, a lot of drivers are very happy that fines are not being imposed on them. The initiative has started to work positively on their behavior of people. While a majority of the drivers have already begun avoiding the rule jump!

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