Edoardo Colombi Leads At The Snetterton In Thrilling Race

Edoardo Colombi Leads At The Snetterton

The Aprilia RS 660 Trophy defending champion Edoardo Colombi once again had an entertaining round in the British Superbike season’s fifth round. The Italian rider did not know anything about the Snetterton track. But already in the free practice sessions, he proved that he could be a contender for victory and consecutively took third place.

Edoardo Colombi – Overcoming Unfamiliar Terrain

This already put Edoardo Colombi at a disadvantage as he raced in the fifth round of the British Superbike at the Snetterton circuit. He had not raced on this kind of track before, a factor that would have destabilized most of the riders. Instead, Colombi went in guns blazing to get the win, avoiding any conservative tactics. Already from the first free practice, he proved that he was a contender. Especially, as he was among the first three for the majority of the time. Thus, the preparation with pro-actively demonstrating talent and flexibility at the beginning of the event. Foretold what was to be expected during the rest of the weekend.

Qualifying Drama in the Wet

Further, the qualifying session turned out to be exceptional, all thanks to the track being wet, which contributed to more difficulties. Thus, as with any form of motorsport, rainy conditions will be instrumental in challenging the rider, as well as the team and the machine. Thus, in Q3, Columbi only could qualify fourth on the grid – quite an achievement taking into account the unpredictable weather. This performance gave a strong end to the show and prepared him to face the races. Especially the ones that were coming up showing his versatility and hard work.

A Race to Remember thanks to Edoardo Colombi

The main race can perhaps only be described as a thriller. Very intense it was for Colombi who was at the side of his closest competitor until the last lap was crossed. The race had several lead changes and was all action and perfect of how two competitors race each other. This was to be a turning point in favor of Colombi who fought hard and posted victory throughout the entire line. Further, beating Mortara in the final dash by just 64 thousandths of a second. If the win this time was a nail-biting one it showed his determination and the hard work. That he has put in to achieve the place at the top of the podium that he rightfully deserves.

Edoardo Colombi – Securing the Championship Lead

By this win, Edoardo Colombi has retained the leadership of Pirelli National Sportbike Class with a score of 152. 5 points. This result not only secures his position on top of the leaderboard. But also establishes him as one of the strongest talents of the series. Colombi has been one of the most consistent riders throughout the racing season. Further, pointing him out as the rider to beat and the latest victory at Snetterton does not disagree with the same.

The Rise of the Aprilia RS 660

While celebrating the triumph for Colombi and the Aprilia RS 660, it became the fifth victory in the BSB cycle. So this performance could be attributed to both the rider as well as the machine. The RS 660 has proven its worth, and consistency which has put it in a very good position to challenge other manufacturers in the Donald kelter superbike racing.

Demonstrating Growth and Potential

It is an achievement not only for Colombi himself and the Aprilia RS built 660. But also for the Aprilia Trophy championships. It confirms the evolution of these championships and the brightness that the Aprilia RS 660 can be under the thin layer of a sports bike. What happened at the Snetterton circuit and the way the bike handled. Especially in the wet, go a long way in explaining the engineering and design.

Edoardo Colombi – Looking Ahead

Further, all the attention turns to Edoardo Colombi and the Aprilia RS 660 during the further seasons that are ahead. With each race, they build on the previous ones and set higher and higher standards in the Pirelli National Sportbike class. As for the next events in the British Superbike season more expectation and fierce race fighting are expected. Moreover, Colombi is ready to maintain the leadership, or even win the championship.


As for example is Edoardo Colombi in Snetterton; talent, hard work, and the perfect osmosis between rider and bike. His potentiality of quickly learning appropriate tracks for the first time makes him an asset besides his proficiency in wet grounds. Moreover, his sheer temper that makes him force to reckon with in the British Superbike series. Thus, the further sales success of the Aprilia RS 660 demonstrates the bike’s prospects as well as the Aprilia Trophy championships. With each new meeting of the season, the racing world looks forward to more such performance from this pair.

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