Its A Victory For Tresor Attempto Racing Audi

Tresor Attempto Racing Audi

Tresor Attempto Racing Audi marked a victory at the prestigious 100th edition of the Spa 24 Hours. This triumph can be considered as an achievement of the racing team and at the same stresses the impressive level of the Audi R8 LMS customer teams’ performance in the GT3 and the GT4 segment during the weekend.

Audi R8 LMS GT3 Triumphs

Tresor Attempto Racing Audi – Historic Win in the Ardennes

The Spa 24 Hours, which was first staged 100 years ago, attracted 99,500 people to the centenary race which was held in late June. During the celebrations that characterized this event and many safety car incidents that made the race interesting. Especially, Tresor Attempto Racing performed well in the Bronze Cup. The team with Max Hofer, Andrey Mukovoz, Aleksei Nesov, and Dylan Pereira struggled to capture their class victory. Thought finished 10th overall out of 66 GT3 sports cars.

Additional Podium Finishes

Another customer team from Audi was also impressive was Saintéloc Racing team. They secured the second position in the Gold Cup with the drivers Paul Evrard, Gilles Magnus, Jim Pla, and Hugo de Wilde. On the other hand, Stefan Wieninger from Land-Motorsport was perfect at the second ADAC Racing Weekend at Nürburgring. Moreover, they got on top in both sprints of the Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy in his Audi R8 LMS.

Global Successes for Audi Teams

Stradale Motorsport’s Arnold Neveling took all three sprints in Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop at Aldo Scribante, Stellenbosch while driving his Audi R8 LMS. In China, Andy Deng of Winhere Racing by HAR successfully upheld the leadership of GT Sprint Challenge by coming first in the second Ningbo race. Ahead of other Audis driven by Li Dongsheng and Li Donghui of Climax Racing.

Tresor Attempto Racing Audi
Max Hofer, Dylan Pereira, Andrey Mukovoz, Aleksei Nesov

Tresor Attempto Racing – Audi R8 LMS GT4 Achievements

Rising Stars in the Silver Cup

In GT4 European Series, Robert Consani and Benjamin Lariche of Speedcar moved up to second in the Silver Cup. In Spa, their Audi R8 LMS was ahead of the opposition after the first round of pit stops but trailed in by just a scanty margin. This performance placed them to the second position among the twenty-one driver pairings mid-season performance.

Podium Success at Nürburgring and Lausitzring

At the ADAC Racing Weekend at Nürburgring, Jürgen Hemker of Konrad Motorsport secured three podium finishes in the Audi R8 LMS GT4. In the P9 Challenge at Lausitzring, Sophie Hofmann of Seyffarth Motorsport. Moreover, the driver duo Bernd Schaible/Tobias Erdmann achieved double victories in their category.

Competitive Edge in China for Tresor Attempto Racing

The second place in the GT4 category of the GT Sprint Challenge at Ningbo were Harmony Racing’s Bao Junbin and David Chen. Additionally, Harry He of Madness Racing Team added a third-place finish. Further, showcasing the competitive edge of Audi R8 LMS GT4 in the international arena.

The collective success of Audi customer teams across various events underscores the exceptional performance and reliability of the Audi R8 LMS in both GT3 and GT4 versions.

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