She Can Ride an amazing event Inspiring Women

She Can Ride Presented by Women On Wheels
She Can Ride!

Biking events for women have been gaining great popularity in recent years. Such women-backed biking events not only create a supportive and inclusive community. But also encourage women to get on their bikes and enjoy the freedom.

Mumbai witnessed one such biking event for women hosted exclusively by the ‘Women On Wheels’ (The Women-Only Motorcycle Training School) founded by Amruta Mane! The event namely – She Can Ride was the 5th consecutive season held on the 12th of March, 2023.

The She Can Ride event was exclusively curated to spotlight women’s day. Which not only witnessed a Mega Women’s Ride but also a cool twist of Biking Activities too. More than 100 women participated in this event with their bikes and scooters. The event also had a Women’s Day Ride, particularly which was further followed by a number of Biking Games and other Ground events clubbed with a pool of sporty activities.

Initially, the event commenced with a few felicitations, followed by a ride, movie promotion, break free dance, open mic, games, and various other stage and ground activities.

The Event

The womens parade on wheels started from Shivaji Park to Mahim which went on to BKC. Post this, the route switched back to Mahim and finally ended back at the starting point – Shivaji Park.

The event was a full house with the presence of celebrated biking and digital influencers. Celebrities like Radhika Vidya Sagar and Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya were also actively present at the event. Divyanka portrayed her passion for bikes by making a dashing entry to the event on a Royal Enfield.

Some of the biking influencers included the celebrated Kinjal Mehta, Madhusmita, Dimple Singh, Kalpana Arote, Priya Mahadik, Kalyani Capadia, Ritika Lahiri, and Moushami Kapadia. While digital influencers like Sonalee Gurav, and Gauri Satish Pawar, were also a part of the event ‘She Can Ride’ by ‘Women On Wheels’.

In Essence,

The Mumbai Traffic Police supported the event in association with Sea Buzz. Undoubtedly, the event was a huge success, with participants and audience alike expressing their admiration for the female riders. The event also socially highlighted the incredible achievements of these women. And the positive impact they are having on the women-backed bikers community.

Overall, the event – She Can Ride: Season 5 was a powerful reminder of the potential for women to achieve great things. And break down gender barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields like motorcycle riding. It will definitely serve as an inspiration to women all across the country.

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