The all new 2021 Porsche 911 GT3

2021 Porsche 911

The all-new Porsche 911 GT3 is here and it is in fact a more menacing, more intimidating version of its predecessor. A track-focused, rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated and a more aggressive version of the 911 Carrera, the GT3. The 2021 Porsche GT3 is developed in collaboration with Porsche Motorsport. Further, making this version of the GT3 a true-blue track weapon. Porsche has gone ahead and minimalized the difference between a proper GT3 Cup car and a production vehicle in the form of the new GT3 by transmitting pure racing technology in a production vehicle that you and I can purchase and hit the racetrack, right after.

Aerodynamics of the Porsche 911 GT3

The aerodynamics are sophisticated and for the first time in a GT3 a double-wishbone front suspension has been installed, a ginormous swan-neck rear wing and an edgy diffuser originating from the successful GT race car 911 RSR. These aerodynamic bits generate significantly more downforce without affecting the drag coefficient.

The manually adjustable wing and diffuser significantly increase the aerodynamics for high cornering speeds. Further, this is reserved strictly for the racetrack so that the 911 GT3 can unleash its true potential. The Nürburgring-Nordschleife is the ultimate proving ground for all sports cars developed by Porsche and the all-new GT3 absolutely nailed it by lapping the Green Hell 17 seconds quicker than its predecessor, that’s extremely impressive. Development driver Lars Kern lapped the Green Hell in just 6:59.927 minutes for a full 20.8-kilometre lap and the shorter 20.6-kilometre track. Especially, as previously it served as a benchmark of covering in just 6:55.2 minutes, these figures are very intimidating.

Although the new GT3 is wider, sitting on larger wheels and additional technical features, it weighs as much as its predecessor. With a manual gearbox, it weighs 1.418 kilograms and with PDK 1.435 kilograms. Since the new GT3 is a track machine, weight reduction is key and hence components like the front bonnet are made of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), some really light glass windows, improved brake discs and forged alloy wheels that are absolutely stunning along with the cover for the rear seat compartment truly help to keep the GT3 as light and agile as possible. The lightweight sports exhaust system aids in weight reduction and the electrically adjustable exhaust flaps, help produce a harmonious exhaust note.

Engine and transmission

Being a track muncher, the heart of the GT3 is a very important factor. Hence, powering the GT3 is a naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six motor producing 502 horsepower. Which’s more than enough for the GT3 to cover large portions of the racetrack within the blink of an eye. The gearbox gets a 7-speed Porsche Doppel Kupplung (PDK) as standard & 3-pedal action 6-speed box can be opted as optional.

Cabin – Porsche 911 GT3

The GT3 gets the cabins from the racing genes across unlike the 911 models. A really cool feature is the track screen which allows the driver to configure important technical data. Especially, crucial for the racetrack such as the tyre pressure monitor, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature. The screen also includes a shift assistant along with a shift indicator for perfect lightning-quick shifts.

Customers have been frequently seeking equipment customization, especially for the Porsche GT family. For this reason, the Porsche Exclusive Manufacture range is additionally available for the new 911 GT3. Further, supplemented by GT 3-specific options like a light-weight roof made of exposed carbon fibre. One of the coolest highlights of the new GT3 is the new and darkened LED matrix headlamps
and really stylish clear LED tail lamps. Inside the cabin, details such as the dials for the rev counter, Sport Chrono stopwatch and seatbelts match the exterior body colour or other as per the customers colour choice.

As the 911 GT3 is an exclusive vehicle, Porsche Design offers a pretty rad chronograph exclusively to customers of the high-performance sports car. Like the GT3 itself, the chronograph boasts a dynamic design, consistent performance and high-quality workmanship. Just like the connecting rods of the GT3 engine, it consists of robust, lightweight titanium. Similar to the wheels of the GT3 its powered by an individual winding rotor. Further, matching the colour of the dial and the exterior of the GT3.


Overall the all-new GT3 is a brilliant automobile with a race car-like performance. That you could unleash on the racetrack to set the fastest lap time after which you could drive home comfortably. The delivery of the new 911 GT3 is about for May 2021.

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