The Journey Of GirlOnMT15 – Rising Star In The Biking World

The GirlonMT15

Maharashtra has quite a few scenic towns and amidst mountains with vibrant hues of nature comes a young girl from such a town Khopoli. This young girl never loved waking up early, though every Sunday she would get up without anyone’s help. Just to get a glimpse of the roaring exhausts of superbikes passing through the Lonavala-Khandala Ghat and waving at them.
Only if she knew waving at those riders one day would turn into her riding those amazing machines. Today, we bring you yet another inspirational story of a dynamic girl. Who left her 9 to 5 mediocre life and moved into becoming an inspiration for many. This article features Akshada Kokane also known as girlonmt15 her journey from a corporate job to CEAT INDIAN SUPERCROSS RACING LEAGUE.

From Khopoli to the World

Born and raised in Khopoli, Raigad, Akshada spent her childhood mornings watching bikers wave to the onlookers. That’s where the seed of bikes was inherited and sparked a dream that has now become a significant part of her life. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts, Pune. Further, like most of the creative people started her journey into the designing world. Though she used to ride, it was in 2021 when she started riding with motorbike clubs and exploring the outskirts of Pune. Further, escalating her journey to the next level was the year 2023, when Akshada took up an opportunity with automotive merchandizer 100KMPH. This led to many more opportunities that further led her to venture into the world of biking, making a name for herself as a dedicated rider and an influencer.

The Journey Begins for girlonmt15

As it’s said if you desire something with true heart the entire universe shall be at your service. Further, her relocation to Pune led to her trying her hands on the bikes of her male friends. She thanks those friends who motivated her passion rather than demotivating her. Post her on-and-off stunt of riding, the real journey started about three and a half years ago, with the purchase of his Yamaha MT15. Further, this led her journey to commence into frequent rides, joining the riding community and group rides. Her passion for motorbikes led her to become the Yamaha Blue Streaks Captain at MT15 Clan Pune and the Founder of The NXT Ride. Akshada has explored numerous destinations, each ride adding a unique story which is seen on her Instagram account girlonmt15.

Yamaha MT15
Akshada with her Yamaha MT15

The Birth of THE NXT RIDE

In addition to her biking adventures, Akshada successfully merged her passion with her profession. Though things seemed fine still something seemed missing and when she was on a random ride that turned into an outing she realized the missing factor for a community. As it’s said when things are meant to happen they do, there took birth “The NXT Ride”. The community was built to bring together like-minded people who live their passion.

The NXT Ride
Akshada’s The NXT Ride Squad

The year 2023 holds a special place in Akshada’s life as she formed her motorbike community & something special followed. While she was just settling with building her community that’s more than a family. She got an opportunity to work with a renowned automotive clothing brand 100kmph as a graphic designer. This experience opened doors to a new opportunity with the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League, India’s first franchise-based Supercross Racing League. Having completed its first season across Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore, the league is gearing up for a powerful second season. Being part of this project has allowed her to connect her creative skills with her love for biking, making her professional journey as fulfilling as her rides.

CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League
Akshada at CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League

Memorable Rides of girlonmt15

Further, Akshada has done quite a few rides and is someone who is extremely meticulous about motorbike care and maintenance. Further, ensuring the bike is in the best condition in every ride. With this extreme care of the bike she has enjoyed her rides without issues and only gathered memories. For riders every ride has some memory & Akshada is no different. However, two rides stand out as particularly memorable.

The Pune-Divegar-Pune one-day ride organized by The NXT Ride, as it was her first experience riding on a beach. A day filled with fun, laughter, and unexpected challenges from the locals, making it an unforgettable adventure.

girlonmt15 - Yamaha Call of the Blue
Akshada leading the Call of the Blue Squad

“Call of the Blue” event organized by Yamaha, its another memory in her kitty. The best part was that Akshada led a massive group of 160+ Yamaha riders through the city of Pune. The sight of the city turning blue with Yamaha bikes was a moment of pride and excitement for her.

Being responsible is one of the most important aspect that comes with fame and the journeys. She ensures that her bike is always in top condition before every ride. Which has helped her avoid any major issues during her journeys. And through her community, she promotes the same.

Future Plans of girlonmt15

Akshada isn’t different from other riders, she too aspires to ride through and conquer the challenging terrains of Ladakh. Though Ladakh still seems away, however, she plans to attend the Moto Fests in Goa this year in December and explore more metropolitan cities in Maharashtra. Akshada goes by the mantra, “Live life on your terms,” reflecting her adventurous spirit and determination to pursue her passion.

A Journey of Inspiration

The journey of Akshada is inspirational for many, starting from being a spectator to living her dream. Akshada’s hard work and persistence made her presence felt in the women’s riding community in Pune. Her story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and living life on one’s terms. As Akshada continues to ride and inspire, we can only anticipate more exciting adventures and achievements from this rising star in the motorbike world.

Stay tuned as she gears up for more rides, more stories, and more inspiration!


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