The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Bike

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Bike
The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Bike

Over the last couple of years, Electric Vehicles have been in the news. As per reports, the 2-wheeler EV segment witnessed 422% growth, whereas, 3-wheelers recorded 75% and the 4-wheelers segment recorded 230% growth from 2019 to 2021. However, the buyers have been in jeopardy based on the Electric Bike fire episodes that have been doing the rounds too.
The Indian market is still very adaptive to the EV segment considering the rising fuel cost. Which is in favour of the Electric Vehicle Segment. With sales already gone to the roof, the Electic Bikes in the Indian market are grasping great interest from consumers. So are you thinking about a smart, light, Automatic gear shift Electric BIKE?

We have Everything you need to know, before opting for an electric two-wheeler

How much will it cost you?

Most regular fuel-consuming two-wheelers starting cost is around ₹50,000, comparatively an E-Bike, with subsidies and tax benefit ranges from ₹75,000 to ₹1,50,000. Moreover, the regular bikes would have an average of 30km to 70km per litre. And the current fuel price in metro cities is between ₹ 100/-to ₹ 110/- per litre. When compared to an electric bike the per km cost would be approximately ₹0.10 to ₹0.15paise.
Although an EV-Two wheeler will be a modest option, as it comes with no future Fuel cost. Therefore, an electric scooter will give you a reasonably low-budget experience.

Upkeeping your Electric Bikes

Electric bikes bring you the biggest advantage over maintenance and repair, as it comes with low maintenance, compared to regular or conventional two-wheelers. One can replace required parts through a DIY plug-and-play piece, which in general comes with a warranty of up to 3 years.

So there is not much expense other than Cleaning and lubricating the vehicle, just like any other motor vehicle. Though you will have to watch out for wear and tear on Tyres, Brake pads, chains and drivetrain. Greasing the chain and washing the vehicle thoroughly every week is always a bright idea to keep dirt and dust away.
It’s essential to close the charging port while washing an EV, dry cloth and brush are great to clean the port.

Charging your Electric Bike

Nearly all electric two-wheelers take approximately four or more hours to charge, from flat 0 to 100%. A few electric bike models allow fast charging methods, in this, just in a few minutes the battery can be charged up when running low. Electric Bikes owners can install a charging station at home for convenience, to charge their vehicle at night. Many gas stations now have electric bike charging points, for on-the-way charging. An auto enthusiast and an EV bike owner says that there are non-OEM portable chargers available in the market. Which takes about 4.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. However, Electric Bike manufacturers do not recommend any after- market products.

Range of Electric Bikes

Different modes of Safety riding range are provided in every electric bike. For instance, in eco mode, most bikes would go 80-100km. The CEO of an Electric Scooter company says “If you ride at Maximum speed, then the range will be 25-30km, with faster battery consumption”. An electric bike buyer has to also consider that the range displayed in the sales catalogue may not be delivered. Real-time road conditions, riding style, and other circumstances are also to be administered.

Study of Longevity and Warranty

Mass electric two-wheelers follow three years of warranty and that can be extended to five years in many brands. Apart from the Battery, the warranty covers vehicle components such as the gearbox, display, engine, Safety equipment like ABS, electrical parts like CDI unit, and more. The battery life of an electric bike is a major concern for buyers. As it accounts for the biggest component of the price of the vehicle. An electric scooter company owner says that “Most collaborators claim 20,000 km or maybe more as the warranty on the battery “.
Depending on the electric bike model, a battery replacement may cost around ₹70,000 or more.

Why should you switch to an Electric Two wheeler?
  • Although the cost is higher than a conventional scooter, the running cost of an electric bike is way too low since there is no Fuel expense
  • Electric bike is environment friendly with its no spew smoke and pollution feature
  • Daily commute gets easy with a lighter-weight city vehicle
  • Government is presently making electric bikes economically fascinating, by offering tax and other benefits on purchase
  • Charging is easy at home, or on the go in gas stations in an emergency

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