At the forefront, a big thanks for being part of our community. This privacy note is to assure you that we, at Moto Gazer Media Works, are committed to protect your information and details.

This privacy policy is a testament of our assurance that user information shared with us shall be used for purposes of administering the website only, or for providing access for registration, responding to your queries, for promotions, or delivery services.

Who are we?

Moto Gazer Media Works is committed to bring to you the latest updates in the world of automobiles. We stay on top of events, reviews and views from the auto sector. We also promote and encourage budding bikers and enthusiasts from the auto sector.

With the auto sector recovering at a steady pace from the hurdles brought upon us by Covid-19, Moto Gazer is here to keep you abreast of how car and bike companies are tiding over this crisis.

Social Media Presence

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Contact Us

In case of any grievances, feel free to get in touch with Team Moto Gazer who can be reached at +91 961 911 0100 and via

User personal info

While registering with our site, we will need information that will range from personal details to contact information. We also tap sources like member communities or groups to expand our follower and user base. However, we ensure that information collected by us remains safe with us. We eliminate all chances of confidential information being misused.

All information gathered by us will be used for improving or tailoring the content provided to you or for the ads that you may opt to see or not.

We may use the contact info provided by users to send them promotional mails regarding launch of our new products and services.

Third-party Publisher

We are also registered with a third-party publisher as a means to generate advertising revenue. However, we are not responsible for the kind of information provided on that website. We also do not have control over how the third party chooses to use or disclose information provided by users directly to them.

It is to be noted that revenue generated from advertising and 3rd party publishers solely belongs to Moto Gazer and will not be shared with contributors.

Payment info

With our long-term vision in mind, we will be putting in place a mode of payment for facilities like subscription, promotion or any form of paid content.

User-Generated Content

We are open to users and subscribers uploading their own content but we will hold the rights to remove or edit posts or videos in case they are found to be in violation of our standards of privacy and ethics.

Will you be disclosing user data to a third party?

Info collected from users will be shared with business partners, including entities like advertisers or publishers. However, the control of the website shall not be shared with any other website or company.

What information is collected?

At the time of subscribing to the site for articles, newsletters etc., we may require you to submit personal information like name, age, location, username, email, mailing address, credit or debit card information etc. We may also require your social media information (if you have created a social media profile).

We may ask for information like the device ID, IP address, geographical location (if enabled), and marketing preferences. This information is used solely for research and analytical purposes.

In case you want any or all of this information deleted (permanently or temporarily), please write to us at the contact info given above.

Info security system

We treat the safety of your personal information with utmost importance and have thereby put in place adequate systems to ensure there is no breach of personal information. Your contact details are protected behind layers of security and the information is available only to a limited number of people who are sanctioned to be privy to such info.

We keep scanning the site for any anomalies and also make necessary updates as and when required.

Tracking Mechanisms

We will be making use of Google APIs as it allows access to Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube and other Google products.

Cookies and web beacons enable users to remember information like log in details. Web beacons allow us to track user activity for utilising web analytics.

Cookies and web beacons are stored on a user’s browser or device and it allows the website to remember user preferences. Since we are using services like Google Analytics, we make use of cookies.

Children’s privacy

Moto Gazer does not cater to children and we do not market to kids. We advise parental guidance if children are accessing info on the website or availing the services.

Effective from

We have implemented the privacy policy from 2nd March 2021 This policy is aimed at ensuring that the rights of users are safeguarded in every way possible. This policy will be updated at intervals and we will make sure that you are kept informed.

Availing of our site and its services means that you have accepted our terms and conditions. Hence, it is our earnest request that you go through the policy details. Since, we may avail the services of other business entities, it is to be noted that we are not responsible for third party privacy policies.

Along with this policy, other services offered by us may carry some additions. All instances of ‘we’ or ‘us’ refer to Moto Gazer Media Works.