The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Coating or Car Detailing

Vehicle Coating
By Nikita Dogra Kadam

If you are a car or bike lover, you want your vehicle to look pristine and sparkle like the North Star. However, this dream doesn’t last long; dust accumulates and minor scratches become unavoidable. As time passes, the paint begins to fade. But what if you could restore your vehicle to its original glory? Are vehicle coating or car detailing safe?

Vehicle owners have the option of keeping their cars or bikes intact by usage of various protective coatings available in the market. This article will discuss the various types of coatings available, their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, whether they’re worth it. Read on to learn all you need to know before deciding!

Why is Vehicle coating important?
  1. Protection: Vehicle coating comes in various types and offer various levels of protection. They all work in different ways to protect your vehicle, but all serve the same purpose; to preserve the condition of your vehicle and keep it looking new for longer.
  2. Reduces cost of repairs: Coating can prevent rust and corrosion, and help to protect the paintwork and other parts of the vehicle, which can be expensive to fix.
  3. Helps in resale value: The coating preserves the vehicle’s paint, making it appear as if it were newly purchased, thus maintaining the vehicle’s resale value.

Types of Vehicle coating & Car Detailing

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating (CC) is a clear coat involving a liquid polymer that provides an extra layer of protection to the paint of your vehicles. It is more advanced than Teflon coating (TC) as it connects with the vehicle’s paint at a molecular level. This creates a protective shield against dust, dirt, and other particles. The hydrophobic layer of the CC also adds a glossy shine to the paint that can last for years with proper care.

Gives protection from UV, dirt & contaminants to the vehicle’s paint The cost of a car’s Ceramic coating is quite high, making it a costly endeavor
Ceramic coating lasts longer than regular paint, with strong chemical bonding providing protection against shocks and vibrations It is a lengthy process, may take up to three days to finish the entire process
Its smooth, abrasion-free surface offers no place for dirt to stick and can be quickly wiped clean Professionals need to carry out the process in order to ensure that the aesthetic quality of the vehicle is not compromised.
Ceramic coating’s long life and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive choice, plus it gives your car a great look Ceramic coatings do not provide protection from water spotting, which can be particularly troublesome in areas that experience a lot of rainfall.
Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear or tinted layer of Urethane applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle. This thin film helps protect the paint from various forms of damage, such as road debris, rocks and gravel, insects, limescale and resins. It offers a high level of hydrophobic protection and is known for being self-healing.
PPF (Paint Protection Film) rolls come pre-made with multiple layers, each having its own specific function. The top layer protects the other layers and keeps them clean until installation is complete. The middle layer contains an adhesive that bonds the film to the clear coat without damaging it, and is removable. The urethane(third) layer is the thickest and absorbs impacts from debris or flying stone chips, protecting the paint from damage. Lastly, a thin transparent film seals and protects the urethane layer from any contaminants.

PPF application creates a customized, brilliant exterior look High-impact collisions can cause severe damage, possibly damaging or breaking the film.
Applying heat to the film can quickly repair minor abrasions/scratches due to its self-healing properties PPF is slightly more expensive than other car paint protection products such as ceramic, waxes and sealants
It repels dirt, mud, oils, smears, and streaks due to its hydrophobic properties It can be difficult to match with the original paint of the vehicle and can look different in certain lighting or angles
PPF resists UV rays and high temps, protecting paint from fading
Graphene Coating

Graphene, which is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms, is hailed as the strongest substance known to man. Its incredible strength is attributed to the fact that it is 200 times harder than steel, yet lighter than paper. Due to its hardness and ‘anti-static properties’, Graphene coatings has become immensely popular among detailers. This is due to its ability to prevent dust from settling on the surface it covers. Graphene may be a relatively new development in the automotive industry, but its core material is far from novel.

Graphene coatings create a stunning reflection on the surface of the vehicle, giving it a rich, deep, and non-sticky shine Though graphene ceramic coating is more expensive than traditional coatings, it provides superior qualities and extra benefits that make it worth the extra cost
Applying the coating is easy and can be done by anyone with no prior experience If the coating of the object were to be lifted, exposing you to potential puncture, you would be subject to toxic chemicals
Superb hydrophobic properties, which means water and dust will not settle on the surface The vehicle could potentially act as a lightning rod due to the extreme conductivity of graphene
Incredibly durable and offers more than 5 years of high-quality protection It is relatively a new material and is yet to be explored in the automobile segment

It is important to take into account the type of vehicle one has when deciding which protective coat to purchase. Protective coatings can help protect your vehicle from the elements and keep it looking great, saving you money in the long run. PPF is a costlier option, but it offers more durability and longevity, making it the preferred choice for car owners. Ceramic coatings are often the best choice for two wheelers since they offer greater protection than Teflon coatings.

If you have made up your mind to get a coating for your vehicle, we have got you covered! Here is the best in town coating facilitator for you.
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