A Power-Packed 8th Edition of the India Bike Week

MotoGazer India Bike Week 2022 (IBW)
Taking You Down The Power-Packed India Bike Week (IBW)2022!

The most awaited event of the year for all the bikers around the country was set in motion from the 2nd of December 2022 to the 3rd of December 2022. The 8th edition of the two-day event – India Bike Week (IBW 2022) returned to Goa and aced its liveliness after 3 long years! IBW 2022 offered better attractions and thrilling experiences for the country’s enthusiastic biker community than ever before.

In collaboration with the Petronas Sprinta, the power-packed event IBW 2022 had been meticulously planned and curated by the festival professionals, Seventy EMG. The IBW 2022 offered exhilarating experiences highlighting the year’s special attractions, which included five different tracks and races namely:

MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
Activities at IBW (IC: Gaurang Panchal)
  • The Flat Track
  • The Hill Climb
  • The Mud Rush
  • The All Grip Track,
  • The Dirt Dash

Further, the Final rides were conducted on the second day and the winners were awarded trophies, certificates, and cash prizes along with exciting motoring accessories. The India Bike Week 2022 also witnessed a whopping attendance that ran at a maximum capacity of around 10,000 enthusiasts per day. Participants from all across the country rode down to the IBW 2022 edition in Goa and celebrated their love for motorcycling.


A number of well-known biking companies showcased their upcoming motorcycles at the event. Further, we have enlisted a few of the important motorbike picks that were unveiled. Take a look:

MotoGazer India Bike Week
Himalyan 822

The ‘822 Himalayan’ was revealed with a dual 411cc single-cylinder engine. Moreover, the bike is celebrated as the world’s first and only 822 cc parallel-twin Himalayan. It boasts a claimed power output of around 45 Hp and 55 Nm peak torque. Further, the company did not officially reveal the price of the Himalayan motorcycle. However, the average price is said to be around Rs. 12 Lakh to 13 lakhs.

2023 BMW S1000RR
MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
BMW 1000RR (IC: Gaurang Panchal)

BMW Motorrad unveiled the 2023 BMW S1000RR at the IBW on day 1.  Further, its said to deliver a whopping 210 hp output. Moreover, the new updates on the run with the 2023 model, the motorbike is said to feature top-tier M-style features. Alongside the additions of winglets among others.

KTM 890 Adventure

The KTM 890 Adventure motorcycle was on the ‘reveal’ list at the IBW 2022 event. Further, the motorbike is said to be a purpose-built ADV that has been meticulously designed to get over rough terrains seamlessly. Moreover, the KTM 890 Adventure motorbike features several riding aids that include traction control, ride modes, and the standard ABS.


Over the years, a majority of the Indian Bike Week’s festival attendees have been men. However, this year, the festival witnessed the presence of an increasing group of celebrated women bloggers and vloggers, which in turn has proved to be a big yet noteworthy development for the Indian motorbiking community.

MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
JS Films (IC : Gaurang Panchal)

Besides, some of the biggest names from the blogging and vlogging community were a part of the IBW 2022 including JS Films (Jasminder Singh), Oggy F from Moto Vlogs, Candida Louis, Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick, Sameera Dahiya, and Urvashi Patole among the others.

MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
Yudi in conversation with Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick (iC: Gaurang Panchal)

The Indian Bike Week 2022 event also witnessed the presence of power-packed groups of biking enthusiasts.  That included the Team MBR (Mumbai Brotherhood Riders), Kawasaki Kochi, and Beast India, to name a few!

MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
Group Entries at IBW (IC: Gaurang Panchal)


Further, IBW 2022 also organized ‘The Big Forkers Meat Fest’. It had a specialized section dedicated to the creative art of curing, grilling, smoking, and barbecuing varied meats in India. Further, the world-famous Goan Chorizo to the whole hog roasts. Moreover, the food section also hosted tawa and tandoor from the best pit masters from across the country. The Eat Street soulfully featured 10 other local Goan caterers along with loaded food trucks that featured the typical IBW dominant staples on their menu.

MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
Activities at IBW (IC: Gaurang Panchal)

The IBW 2022 event in Goa also considered the enthusiasts’ love for music and featured top-notch artists and music performances. The artist’s line-up included:

  • Lagori and Teri Miko
  • Easy Wanderlings
  • DJ Mojo Jo Jo on the Main Stage
  • DJ Unnayaana
  • Uday Benegal
  • DJ Ayesha Pramanik, among others.

Additionally, the IBW 2022 also hosted Red Bull’s freestyle performers that included well-known rappers, MCs, and BMX stunters, alongside break dancers.

Martin Da Costa – CEO/Founder | Seventy EMG

The Festival Director of the Indian Bike Week – Mr. Martin Da Costa said, “An enthusiast’s love for motorcycles and motorcycling transcends their age, gender, and the background they come from. The India Bike Week is the perfect platform to witness this and in its 8th edition, the festival celebrated the undying passion for riding after a gap of 3 long years. Further, we thank all our partners for their unconditional support year after year and we promise to come back even bigger and better next year!”

MotoGazer India Bike Week (IBW)
Bikes at IBW

For all the biking, music, and cuisine enthusiasts, the 8th edition of the power-packed India Bike Week 2022 had more than a lot to offer. By perfectly bringing the thrilling spirit of the biking enthusiasts, the India Bike Week – IBW 2022 set a strong event highlighting what the future of India’s next-gen motorcycle industry has in store for us! The India Bike Week will be back again next year on December 1 and 2, 2023!


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