Best 600cc Superbikes To Buy In India

Superbikes in India
Best 600cc Superbikes To Buy In India

In the dynamic world of motorcycles, the 600cc superbikes segment in India stands as a thrilling battleground for enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of power, agility, and style. Further, from iconic manufacturers, we present the top 5 superbikes that dominate this segment, offering riders an exhilarating experience on the roads. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a passionate newcomer. These motorcycles deliver performance, reliability, and a touch of adrenaline that defines the essence of superbiking.

Top 5 Superbikes in India in the 600cc Segment:

1. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R:
Superbikes in India
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Embracing advanced technologies, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R stands as a testament to the legacy of supersport motorcycles. With a 636cc engine producing 122 horsepower, it combines power and adaptability for riders of all skill levels. Further, boasting a max power of 122.03 bhp @ 13000 rpm and max torque of 69 Nm @ 11000 rpm. The ex-showroom cost of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6s is ₹11.09lacs.

2. Yamaha MT-07:
Superbikes in India
Yamaha MT-07

Renowned for its lightweight design and torquey engine, the Yamaha MT-07 offers a versatile riding experience. Perfect for both city commuting and spirited rides, its upright position appeals to beginners. Further, with advanced features like wheelie control and ABS add a layer of sophistication. Additionally, the Yamaha MT-07 is expected to launch in India in February 2024 with an anticipated price range of ₹ 7,50,000 to ₹ 8,00,000.

3. Honda CBR650R:
Superbikes in India
Honda CBR650R

For those craving a performance boost without overwhelming power, the Honda CBR650R’s 649cc inline-four engine strikes the perfect balance. Versatility is its forte, excelling in city commuting and weekend rides, boasting a power of 85.8 bhp @ 12,000.

4. Aprilia RS 660:
Superbikes in India
Aprilia RS 660

With the Aprilia RS 660, enthusiasts embark on a journey of sportiness and engineering perfection. The 660cc parallel-twin engine delivers exhilarating acceleration and power, making it a standout choice for city streets and dynamic turns. Its aerodynamic design not only enhances its appearance but also ensures superior stability at high speeds. The 2024 Aprilia RS 660 comes with a bs6-2.0 engine, generating power of 98.59 bhp @ 10,500, torque of 67 Nm @ 8,500 rpm, and a liquid-cooled system. Further, the ex-showroom cost of the Aprilia RS 660 is ₹13.39 Lac.

5. Suzuki SV650:
Suzuki SV650

Ideal for those making the leap from beginner bikes, the Suzuki SV650 boasts a radical yet reliable V-twin engine. With 75 horsepower, it may not appear intimidating on paper, but its power-to-weight ratio delivers a sub-four-second 0-60 time. The absence of complex electronics enhances its dependability. Further, the expected ex-showroom cost of the Suzuki SV650 shall be between ₹6.0 lac to ₹7.5 lac.


In the vibrant landscape of the 600cc superbikes segment in India. These motorcycles stand out as the epitome of performance, design, and innovation. Whether you lean towards the iconic Suzuki SV650, the versatile Yamaha MT-07, the balanced Honda CBR650R, the dynamic Aprilia RS 660, or the tech-savvy Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. Basically, each superbike promises an unforgettable ride. Especially, leaving a mark on the asphalt and the hearts of riders who seek the thrill of the open road.

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