Bikers Ka Swag Uniting Riders in a Dynamic Community

Bikers Community
Bikers Ka Swag Uniting Riders in a Dynamic Community

Are you passionate for motorbikes and find yourself frequently captivated by bikers sporting riding jackets or watching reels and vlogs featuring them? Have you ever thought how you could become a part of these communities and delve into the world of biking adventures? If so, then your hunt is over—introducing Bikers ka swag!

Bikers Ka Swag is a new age community of riders who share a common love, passion and thrill for motorbikes and especially the thrill of the open road. Basically, this community started in October 2020 as a small group of Jawa enthusiasts that called itself “Jawas Da Swag”. Later transformed into a dynamic multi-brand biking community the “Bikers Ka Swag” welcoming riders from all walks of life.

A Strong Foundation and Leadership of this Biking Community

Further, this community building initiative is led by the visionary Manpreet Singh Kochar. Bikers Ka Swag is a family of like-minded members. Especially, committed to fostering a sense of camaraderie and adventure on the go. Moreover, a core team comprising individuals who are passionate about biking, digital media, administration, and ride curation. These Swaggers are well-equipped to provide memorable experiences for all.

Know the Team at Bikers Ka Swag!

Manpreet Singh Kochar, leads the community as the Founder and President. Along with fellow core swaggers Mr. Mubeen Shaikh, Ms. Amruta Shah, and Mr. Jawahar Shah, each managing various aspects of community building, ride management and operations. On rides Mr. Anas Naik is the Ride Leader followed by Mr. Yasin Shaikh as the Lead Marshall. Supporting them is Mr. Arshad Shaikh – Lead Rider & Air Marshall along with Mr. Aditya Singh – Lead Rider – Sweep & Tail.

Spreading Across India

Commencing the journey of building the community in Mumbai to expanded its presence across the length and breadth of India. Bikers Ka Swag has written chapters in major cities like Pune, Delhi, and Goa, with growing presence in other regions too. This group has become a symbol of unity and friendship among bikers.

A Thriving Community

Built with strong core team and nearly 400+ members and counting, Bikers Ka Swag is more than just a club; it’s a close-knit family connected by a shared passion for motorbikes. From exhilarating day rides to memorable night meet-ups, the club offers a diverse range of experiences for riders of all preferences and skill levels.

Inclusivity at its Core

Making this community more inclusive, Bikers Ka Swag formed a dedicated community for female riders, aptly named ‘BKS Biker Babes.’ Moreover, its led by the inspirational Ms. Ranjana Vishwakarma. Further, this division provides a supportive platform for female bikers to connect, learn, and grow together. This exclusive only women rider’s community ensures to catch up and ride on the first Sunday of every month.

Expanding Horizons

Ensuring, its continuous pursuit of excellence, Bikers Ka Swag recently introduced Superbikes Ka Swag an exclusively Superbikes division. Further, catering to the needs of riders seeking high-performance machines and adrenaline-fueled adventures. This expansion reflects the club’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs and interests of its members.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Being a part of this community just does not mean going on rides and events. Bikers Ka Swag ensures amazing perks and partnerships with leading brands in the biking industry. Especially, collaborations with Tripmachine, TIIVRA, Bikester Global, and others offer exclusive discounts and sponsorship deals. Further, enhancing the overall biking experience for its members.

Join the Bikers Family

If you’re passionate about biking and seeking a community of like-minded individuals, Bikers Ka Swag invites you to join its ever-growing family. No matter which motorbike you ride or so, all they look at is the passion and enthusiasm for the wheels. And as Manpreet says, Punjabiyan Da Dil Vdda Honda Hai! there’s a place for you in this inclusive and dynamic community.

Connect with Bikers Ka Swag

Swag se karte hai yeh sab ka swagat! Basically, all you need to do is share your basic info as a video message with your ride to the admin. Further, stay updated on upcoming rides and events. With this don’t forget to follow Bikers Ka Swag on Instagram. (Link to Instagram)


Bikers Ka Swag isn’t just a club; it’s a movement—a celebration of freedom, friendship, and the unbridled joy of riding. The heart and soul of BKS & both divisions of BKS Is the Culture Creation like a family bonded together. Join them on their journey, and experience the thrill of ‘Apni Bike, Apna Swag’!