BMW Group India Achieves Historic Sales Milestones In 2023

BMW Group India Sales
BMW Group India Achieves Historic Sales Milestones In 2023

In a remarkable display of success, BMW Group India has set a new record for annual sales in 2023. Especially, encompassing all three of its prestigious brands – BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad. The automotive giant delivered an unprecedented total of 14,172 cars (BMW and MINI) and 8,768 motorcycles (BMW Motorrad) from January to December. BMW, with 13,303 units sold, and MINI, with 869 units sold, contributed significantly to this achievement.

Quarter 4 Triumphs: Unprecedented Sales Growth

The grand finale of the year was marked by an extraordinary performance in Quarter 4. Especially, where all three brands achieved their highest sales figures – BMW at 4,306 units (+41%), MINI at 287 units (+54%), and BMW Motorrad at 1,990 units (+3%). Quarter 4 of 2023 also emerged as the best-ever quarter for both BMW and MINI. Further, December 2023 witnessed the highest monthly sales for both brands.

Vikram Pawah’s Optimistic Outlook

Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, expressed his enthusiasm about the historic accomplishments, stating, “2023 has been a record-breaking milestone year for BMW Group India. across the brands – BMW, BMW Motorrad, and MINI – have delivered their highest-ever sales.”

Breakdown of Yearly Sales Figures

Breaking down the yearly sales figures, BMW India sold 13,303 units, marking an 18% increase, while MINI achieved a 22% growth with 869 units. BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle arm of the group, recorded 8,768 units sold, reflecting a 20% growth.

Electric Revolution: BMW Group’s Leadership in EV Segment

Pawah highlighted the sustained leadership of BMW Group India in the electric luxury car segment for the second consecutive year. The group’s electric vehicles witnessed a three-fold growth, reaching 1,474 units, with the BMW iX leading as the highest-selling luxury electric vehicle in India. The BMW Group’s commitment to the electric market is further exemplified by a diverse portfolio, including models like BMW i7, BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW iX1, and MINI SE.

Market Impact: The Rise of BMW’s Luxury Class

The introduction of the BMW i7 and BMW iX1 has fueled anticipation. Further, while a robust premium charging network across 35 cities has bolstered user confidence. The MINI 3 Door Cooper SE, meanwhile, has become the best-selling premium electric hatchback in the country.

BMW India showcased strong performances across various segments, with the BMW Luxury Class experiencing an 88% growth, driven by models like the BMW 7 Series. Moreover, which earned the ‘Premium Car Award 2024’ at the Indian Car of the Year awards. BMW Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV) contributed 54% to the annual sales volume, with the new X1 emerging as the highest-selling SAV. The new BMW 3 Series claimed the title of the highest-selling sedan with a 20% share in sales.

MINI India’s Rise: A Blend of Local Production and Electrification

MINI India achieved sales of 869 units, showing a remarkable 22% growth. The locally produced MINI Countryman dominated with a 55% share. While the electric MINI 3-Door Cooper SE more than doubled its sales.

Motorcycle Marvels: BMW Motorrad’s Resounding Success

In the motorcycle segment, BMW Motorrad India reported 8,768 units sold, reflecting a 20% growth. The BMW G 310 models saw an impressive 19% growth, maintaining an 88% share in overall sales. Core models, particularly in the high-end GS adventure and RR sports segment, were key contributors to this growth.

BMW Financial Services: Driving Customer Satisfaction

BMW India Financial Services played a pivotal role in customer satisfaction, offering the BMW and MINI 360⁰ finance solution. This comprehensive solution provides customers with low monthly installments, assured buy-back options, flexible end-of-term choices, and the opportunity to upgrade to a new car. Notably, 8 out of 10 cars financed by BMW India Financial Services are through the BMW and MINI 360⁰ program. Further, ensuring customers enjoy great value and complete peace of mind.