BMW Group India Reports Strong Sales In Q1 2024

BMW India
BMW Group India Reports Strong Sales In Q1 2024

In the first quarter of 2024 (January – March), BMW Group India showcased robust business performance. Especially, by delivering a total of 3,680 cars (BMW and MINI) and 1,810 motorcycles (BMW Motorrad). Within the car segment, BMW accounted for 3,510 units while MINI contributed 170 units.

Electric Vehicle Leadership

BMW Group Electric Vehicles maintained their dominance in the luxury segment. Especially, by delivering 211 units in Q1 2024, marking a 26% increase. The BMW i7 emerged as the top-selling EV, underscoring the rising demand for sustainable mobility in the flagship segment. The comprehensive range of luxury EVs including BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW iX1, and MINI SE further fueled customer interest. Anticipation surrounds the upcoming launch of the BMW i5, promising to enhance the EV portfolio.

Growth in Luxury Class and Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV)

The Luxury Class segment witnessed remarkable growth, soaring by 152%. Models like BMW 7 Series, BMW i7, BMW X7, and BMW XM collectively contributed 20% to total sales, with the BMW X7 SAV securing the top spot. SAV models, particularly locally produced ones, played a pivotal role, contributing 54% to overall sales and experiencing a 62% growth. The new X1 emerged as the highest-selling SAV, capturing a significant 20% share.

BMW India – Segment Dominance

The BMW 3 Series asserted its dominance as the highest-selling sedan. Further, commanding a 16% share in sales and solidifying its position as the leading executive sedan in its segment.

BMW and MINI 360°: Enhancing Customer Experience

Customers benefited from the comprehensive 360⁰ finance solution offered by BMW India Financial Services. Especially, enjoying low monthly installments, assured buy-back, flexible end-of-term options, and the opportunity to upgrade to a new car, among other advantages. Remarkably, 8 out of 10 cars financed by BMW India Financial Services are facilitated through BMW and MINI 360⁰.

BMW Group India: A Premium Automotive Force

BMW Group India remains firmly focused on the premium sector of the Indian automobile market, encompassing BMW, MINI, and Motorrad brands. Beyond vehicles, the group’s activities extend to financial services tailored for its discerning clientele. BMW India and BMW India Financial Services, both 100% subsidiaries of the BMW Group, are headquartered in Gurgaon (National Capital Region).

BMW India – Milestones and Initiatives

Since its inception in 2007, BMW India has established a manufacturing plant in Chennai. Further, they have their parts warehouse in Pune, and a training center in Gurgaon NCR. Additionally, a dealer network across major metropolitan centers. MINI, introduced in January 2012, has carved a niche for itself as a premium small car brand. BMW Motorrad officially commenced operations as part of the Indian subsidiary of BMW Group in April 2017.

Commitment to Excellence by BMW Group India

With over 80 touchpoints across the country, BMW Group is committed to setting high standards in service quality and customer experience. The introduction of the innovative RetailNext concept for its dealer network underscores this commitment. RetailNext emphasizes customer-centricity, flexibility, sustainability, and a premium experience, integrating physical and digital elements seamlessly.

BMW India Financial Services: Enabling Premium Mobility

Established in 2010, BMW (I) Financial Services operates with three business lines: Retail Finance, Commercial Finance, and Insurance Solutions. Moreover, its exclusive and flexible financial solutions cater to the unique needs of premium clientele. Further, adding significant value to their ownership experience.