BMW Group India Sets New Sales Records For 2023

BMW Group India
BMW Group India Sets New Sales Records For 2023

BMW Group India is celebrating a remarkable year so far, as they announce record-breaking sales figures for the first nine months of 2023. The luxury automobile manufacturer has seen a surge in demand across all its brands, including BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad.

2023 Growth Story

During this period, BMW Group India managed to deliver a total of 9,580 cars. Further, combining the sales of BMW and MINI, and 6,778 motorcycles under the BMW Motorrad brand. The breakdown of these numbers reveals that BMW sold 8,998 units. While MINI contributed an impressive 582 units to the total sales.

One significant driving force behind BMW Group India’s success in the electric vehicle market has been its exceptional range of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Models like the BMW iX1, BMW i7, BMW iX, BMW i4, and MINI SE have catapulted the company to the forefront of luxury BEV sales in India. The sales of BEVs witnessed an unprecedented fivefold increase during the January to September 2023 period when compared to the same period in 2022.

The BMW iX, in particular, has become the most sought-after luxury electric vehicle in India. Its popularity was evident as the first-ever BMW iX1 was sold out on the launch day, with all available units for 2023 snapped up. BMW Group India’s initiative to provide a complimentary charger with every BMW and MINI BEV. Additionally, its extensive charging infrastructure across 35 cities have played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone. Today, there are over 1,000 electric BMW and MINI cars cruising on Indian roads.

102% YoY Growth

In the realm of luxury vehicles, BMW Group India experienced an impressive growth of 102% year-on-year for its Luxury Class models. Models such as the BMW 7 Series, BMW i7, BMW X7, and BMW XM have seen remarkable demand. Especially, with the flagship BMW 7 Series leading the way in the ultra-luxury segment. The BMW X7 also nearly doubled its demand, becoming a favorite among high-end Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV) customers.

With an overall increase of 10% in sales, BMW achieved its best-ever performance. Especially, with September sales hitting an all-time high in the brand’s history. More than 50% of the year-to-date sales volumes came from BMW Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV). Notably, the BMW X1 became the first in its segment to offer an electric variant (iX1) in addition to its traditional petrol and diesel drivetrains. The introduction of the new BMW X5 in Q3 further bolstered SAV sales.

MINI, the iconic British brand under the BMW Group umbrella. Experienced an impressive 10% growth in sales, with a total of 582 units delivered. The locally produced MINI Countryman took the lead, capturing 63% of the market share. Moreover, closely followed by the iconic MINI Hatch at 17%. The electric MINI 3-Door Cooper SE also contributed significantly, accounting for 17% of the total MINI sales.

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad, BMW’s motorcycle division, thrived with an exceptional 26% growth in sales, reaching a total of 6,778 units. The “Made in India” models, including the BMW G 310 R, BMW G 310 RR, and BMW G 310 GS, collectively commanded an impressive 88% share in the market. Furthermore, completely built-up units of core bikes experienced a remarkable 36% growth. The BMW GS Adventure segment, in particular, has gained substantial popularity. Especially, with over 10,000 GS bikes sold in India to date. The Sports segment also witnessed a boost, thanks to the introduction of new bikes like the BMW S 1000 RR, BMW M 1000 RR, and BMW M 1000 R, elevating the thrill for motorcycle enthusiasts.

BMW Group India’s exceptional performance in 2023 reflects its unwavering commitment to innovation, luxury, and sustainability. Further, making it a formidable presence in the Indian automotive market.

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