Ceat India and MG Motors Partner for the all new MG Comet EV

CEAT India and MG Motors
Ceat India and MG Motors Partner for the all new MG Comet EV

CEAT, one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers, is excited to announce its collaboration with MG Motors for the launch of the MG Comet, India’s latest electric vehicle (EV). This partnership entails CEAT supplying tyres for the MG Comet, equipped with cutting-edge technologies necessary for electric vehicles, enhancing efficiency and passenger comfort.

CEAT has recently introduced several initiatives in the EV tyre business, including the groundbreaking EnergyDrive, India’s first EV-specific car tyres. These tyres are meticulously crafted to offer exceptional wear resistance, lower rolling resistance, and extended tyre life, making them the perfect fit for electric vehicles. Additionally, CEAT has also developed tyres specifically designed for electric buses and two-wheelers, exemplifying its dedication to promoting sustainable transportation.

Arnab Banerjee, MD & CEO of CEAT Limited

Announced the company’s partnership with MG Motors for the latest electric vehicle, MG Comet. He emphasized CEAT’s dedication to delivering innovative and top-quality tyre solutions to meet the growing demands of India’s EV market. The collaboration with MG Motors for the Comet serves as a testament to CEAT’s expertise in this field, instilling confidence in the exceptional performance and safety of their tyres for this vehicle.

Banerjee highlighted that the launch of the MG Comet equipped with CEAT tyres will provide Indian consumers with a comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly driving experience. Moreover, CEAT remains steadfast in adapting to the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market. Additionally, supporting the industry’s growth in India. The company looks forward to sustaining their partnership with MG Motors and further contributing to the expansion of the EV industry in the country.

Biju Balendran, Deputy MD of MG Motor India,

Expressing his satisfaction regarding the collaboration with CEAT, a globally renowned brand. He emphasized that the partnership signifies their shared dedication to delivering excellence, particularly in the electric vehicle sector. Balendran highlighted the significance of CEAT’s advanced EV tyres. Which align perfectly with their vision for the MG Comet, ensuring unmatched performance and safety. This collaboration serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the future of e-mobility. Moreover, the collaboration of MG Motors and CEAT shall be driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences. Further, leading the charge in the growth of the EV industry in India.

The MG Comet is a sleek and stylish electric vehicle that caters to the demands of contemporary consumers. With its specific tyre requirements, CEAT is well-equipped to fulfill those needs. Further, CEAT’s EV tyres boast DuraBlock technology, which enhances both tangential and lateral stiffness by an impressive 6% compared to conventional summer patterns. Enabling them to withstand instant high torque. Moreover, the EasyFlex Cavity design plays a crucial role in significantly reducing rolling resistance, leading to better mileage.

Moreover, as the electric vehicle market in India continues to expand. CEAT takes pride in being at the forefront of innovation within this domain. Through their collaboration with MG Motors, CEAT effectively demonstrates its expertise in delivering high-quality, performance-oriented tyre solutions for electric vehicles.


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