Celebrating 25 Years of Automotive Icon: The Audi TT Exhibition

Audi TT 25th Anniversary
Celebrating 25 Years of Automotive Icon: The Audi TT Exhibition

In the world of automotive design, few vehicles have made as profound an impact as the Audi TT. Marking its 25th anniversary, this iconic sports car continues to mesmerize car enthusiasts and design aficionados worldwide. In a tribute to its enduring legacy, Audi Tradition proudly presents the “State of the ArTT” exhibition. An exceptional showcase running from July 24 to September 24 at the renowned Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt.

The Birth of a Legend: The 1995 Show Car

At the heart of the exhibition stands the revered 1995 show car that set the Audi TT’s trajectory into motion. Revealed with much fanfare at the prestigious IAA in Frankfurt, this captivating study instantly captured public imagination. Further, leaving no doubt that it deserved to be brought to life exactly as it was presented. Audi recognized the overwhelming enthusiasm surrounding the show car and promptly decided to produce the Audi TT Coupé. In 1998, the production of the TT commenced, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey in automotive history.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Perfection

Torsten Wenzel, the talented exterior designer at Audi, played a pivotal role in translating the show car into a series production model. He fondly reminisces about the critical acclaim received when the trade press acknowledged. That the transition from the study to the series model retained the essence of the TT’s design. Though minor adjustments were necessary to accommodate technical specifications. Further, the Audi TT remained an unparalleled example of automotive art—a harmonious blend of form and function. Wenzel’s passion for the TT is evident as he owns his own first-generation model, a testament to the car’s timeless allure.

The Name with a Legacy: Audi TT

Choosing a name for a car can be an arduous task, as it defines the vehicle’s identity and resonates with enthusiasts. Audi decided to deviate from its conventional naming conventions, bestowing the new sports car with the moniker “TT.” The name pays homage to the legendary Tourist Trophy event held on the Isle of Man. An iconic motorsports spectacle where NSU and DKW motorcycles had achieved remarkable success. In the 1960s, NSU had a model named “TT,” symbolizing their triumphs on the island. Audi deftly weaved this historical connection when christening their sports car. Further, paying homage to the brand’s predecessors and their legacy of racing victories on the Isle of Man. The exhibition at the Audi museum mobile features some of these significant models, like the 1954 NSU Rennfox. Which played a pivotal role in shaping the lineage of the Audi TT.

Embodying Evolution: The Audi TT through Generations

The “State of the ArTT” exhibition presents a captivating narrative of the Audi TT’s evolution through the years. A prominent highlight is the 2005 Audi TT quattro sport, a powerful and dynamic version that showcases Audi’s commitment to high-performance driving. Additionally, visitors can marvel at the 2009 Audi TTS Pikes Peak “Shelly,”. A special edition paying homage to Audi’s achievement at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The 2013 Audi TT ultra quattro concept exemplifies Audi’s dedication to innovation, featuring cutting-edge technologies and lightweight construction. And to celebrate the sporting spirit, the exhibition proudly displays the winner of the 2017 Audi TT Cup. Especially, embodying the thrill of racing that runs deep within the TT’s DNA.

An Enthralling Experience: “State of the ArTT” Exhibition

For car enthusiasts and history buffs alike, the “State of the ArTT” exhibition promises an immersive journey into the legacy of the Audi TT. Celebrating 25 years of innovation, design excellence, and motorsports heritage, the exhibition presents a unique opportunity to explore the timeless allure of the Audi TT. Audi Tradition invites visitors to engage with the evolution of this automotive icon, from its inception as a mesmerizing show car to its status as a defining symbol of the Audi brand.


Further, as the Audi TT celebrates its 25th anniversary, the “State of the ArTT” exhibition stands as a testament to its indelible impact on the world of automotive design and motorsports heritage. Moreover, its a remarkable journey that began with a visionary show car in 1995 has transformed into a quarter-century of automotive excellence, captivating hearts and minds around the globe. The Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt hosts this exceptional showcase. Especially, welcoming enthusiasts to witness the artistry and innovation that define the Audi TT. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary celebration, as the “State of the ArTT” exhibition encapsulates the essence of an automotive icon that will forever hold a special place in automotive history. Booking and ticket prices are available online, inviting everyone to experience the allure of the Audi TT firsthand.

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