Ceramic Coating, now to be offered as in-house service by Tata Motors


India’s leading automobile brand, Tata Motors, introduced Ceramic Coating as a service with its All-New Safari. Ceramic Coat is an advanced hydrophilic formulated technology, which reinvigorates the look of Tata vehicles. The Ceramic Coating forms a hardened finish which mixes with the paintwork at once to reinvigorate the appearance of the vehicle.
Compared to existing traditional treatments, the ceramic coating lasts for much longer and helps in shedding debris and dirt while protecting the car against traffic pollution, acid rain, solvents, animal matter and more. The strong crystal-like layer of the coat reduces fading, dullness by UV rays on the car. The coat provides 360-degree protection to the vehicle components such as, paint, glass, vinyl-plastics, wheels & leather by its self-cleaning feature which also helps in repelling corrosion and oxidation.

Tata Motors shall extend this service to all Tata Passenger cars (price may vary as per vehicle & segment) and abide by its commitment of “New Forever”.
Other than introducing new products the company is also focused on providing industry-first service offerings like Ceramic Coat to its customers. The company has also collaborated with sector experts like 3M, Wuerth, Bardhal, Sikand Stanely, BG Car Care & SK Car Care to provide the service in-house- stated Mr. Dimple Mehta, Head of Customer Care – Domestic & International Business, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors

Tata Motors is providing these additional value-added services for the all-new Safari, making the entire product offering irresistible.

Additional Offerings
Pentacare Extended warranty: For the new Safari Tata Motors has introduced Up to 5 years and unlimited kilometres Pentacare Extended Warranty.
Extend warranty will have 3 options
1. 2+1 years or 1.15 Lakh kms (whichever occurs first)
2. 2+2 years or1.30 Lakh kms whichever occurs first)
3. 2+3 years (Pentacare) or unlimited kms.

Value Care Maintenance Plan –Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): Tata Motors, also introduced Value Care, the pan-India maintenance service plan which ensures protection against unexpected repair cost and provides substantial savings by protecting against inflation & price volatility of lubricants during the functioning of the vehicle.
3 categories of Value Care.
1. Value Care Gold
2. Value Care Promise to Protect
3. Value Care Silver.
(NOTE: The detailed information on Pentacare Warranty & Vale Care shall be provided by the dealers.)

Now, will these value-added services and additional offering boost sales for Tata Motors or no is something only the first quarter of the new FY shall state.



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