Classic Legends Aims To Lead The Mid-Range Superbike Market

Classic Legends
Classic Legends Aims To Lead The Mid-Range Superbike Market

Classic Legends Pvt Ltd, the premium bike arm of Mahindra & Mahindra, renowned for its Jawa, Yezdi, and BSA brands of high-end motorcycles, is strategically positioning itself as a key player in the mid-range superbike market (350cc-750cc). With a focus on expanding its product portfolio to include higher cc bikes, the company is poised to make waves in the competitive world of superbikes.

Portfolio Expansion Plans

While Classic Legends currently boasts a motorcycle portfolio dominated by 300-350cc bikes. Further, the company has ambitious plans to introduce more high-end bikes in the coming months. The existing Jawa lineup includes the recently launched Jawa 350, Jawa 42, Jawa 42 Bobber, and Jawa Perak. Additionally, the Yezdi brand contributes three products—Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi Scrambler, and Yezdi Roadster. The iconic BSA brand, primarily targeted at western markets, further strengthens Classic Legends’ global presence.

BSA’s Global Expansion

CEO Ashish Singh Joshi highlights the western appeal of the BSA brand, emphasizing its 650cc single-cylinder product. The BSA 650cc bike has already made its mark in 13 markets, including the UK in Europe. The company plans to extend the BSA brand’s reach by launching the 650cc bike in additional markets throughout the year, with potential considerations for introducing BSA bikes in India.

Market Trends and Aspirations – Classic Legends

Joshi acknowledges the current modest volumes in the 500cc, 600cc, or higher categories in India. However, it observes a gradual shift in market preferences towards accepting higher cc bikes. Moreover, with aspirations to become a major mid-segment player in the Indian high-end bike segment. Classic Legends aims to position itself favorably as the market evolves.

Technological Edge

Classic Legends places significant emphasis on its in-house technological capabilities as a key differentiator. The company believes that its strong R&D operations, supported by technology centers in Pune and Coventry, UK, employing over 250 engineers, provide a competitive edge. The Coventry center is actively working on an electric BSA product in collaboration with partners. Further, enabling Classic Legends to launch multiple products at regular intervals and maintain market momentum.

Corporate Journey and Global Expansion

In recent years, Classic Legends successfully reintroduced the iconic ‘Jawa’ brand to the Indian market in FY19, unveiling a new range of Jawa motorcycles. The company expanded its portfolio by adding Yezdi bikes in FY22. Further, ventured into the international market by introducing the revered British brand BSA in the UK and European markets.

As Classic Legends continues to strengthen its position in the high-end motorcycle segment. Moreover, the market eagerly awaits the unveiling of its enhanced product portfolio. Marking a significant stride in the brand’s journey toward becoming a dominant force in the mid-range superbike segment.