Electric Vehicles may be limited in Switzerland

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Electric Vehicles may be limited in Switzerland

Switzerland is making headlines today! You may have come across a number of reports or tweets on the internet stating that Switzerland is on the go to ban electric vehicles. A rapid spread of headlines from many sources, but is it accurate as the headlines suggest.

And the question is, has the country really banned EVs?

Well, no! They haven’t. Reportedly, Switzerland has only been ‘planning’ to electric vehicles in the country. According to a report, the officials of the country have temporarily drafted a proposal. That suggests the comprehensive restriction of power usage in order to prevent blackouts and power cuts. The draft only comprises emergency proposals that will practically help brace up for an emergency energy crisis that could probably occur during the winter. The headlines come from exaggerations that roll around this draft plan.

One of the steps in the draft plan includes temporary limitations on driving electric cars. However, in line with the headlines, none of the steps in the plan support the country’s ban on electric vehicles. It is clear that the government did not ban the usage of electric vehicles. On the flip side, if the country sees an energy crisis and supports the ban, Switzerland will be the first country to do so. It is a fact that only 1 in 50 cars in Switzerland run entirely on electricity, and yet, this could support the expected energy crisis.

To practically avoid the crisis, the Switzerland government simply proposed a ‘partial’ restriction on the usage of electric vehicles that would also help in avoiding power shortages. But, to shed light, the draft – ‘Ordinance on Restrictions and Prohibitions on the Use of Electric Energy’ has not been enforced in Switzerland as of yet.


Reportedly, nearly sixty per cent of the country’s energy supply completely depends on the comprehensive ‘hydroelectric’ power.

The country is massively dependent on the given hydropower in order to meet its energy requirements. However, the production of this power slows down steadily during the winter. To cope with this, The country also imports electricity from neighboring countries like France and Germany. Furthermore, now both countries are facing an expected energy crisis just like the rest of the European countries resulting due to the Ukraine war.

Even the french utility began to see its electricity output drop out to a 30-year low in early 2022. France has become more vulnerable to the European energy crisis, in comparison to other European countries.

To back themselves up, Switzerland has thus been preparing for a possible energy blackout. Connecting the dots back to the proposal, the country has synonymously planned to ‘restrict’ energy usage in buildings, electric vehicles, crypto mining, concerts, and big sporting events. Furthermore, if the energy situation worsens, the country would temporarily limit the usage of electric vehicles to only ‘essential’ trips.


At present, the draft is only temporary which the Government has prepared and that clearly outlines ‘four’ stages of escalation to back the country’s emergency energy crisis. Spotlighting the headlines, the ban cum restrictions on electric vehicles is stated at the third level of escalation.

The country’s government has included a series of four steps in the draft. These four steps include everything right from restricting the usage of ‘leaf blowers’ to turning off the heaters in ‘ski lifts’, among others. Reportedly, the plan’s third step recommends that the private use of electric vehicles should only be permitted for only considerably ‘essential’ travel.


Switzerland has clearly not yet enforced a complete ban on electric vehicles. But has primarily drafted an ordinance that states a partial restriction on the EVs. This is amidst the given energy crisis. The proposed restriction on the usage of electric vehicles is just one of the strict measures that is smartly designed.

Most likely that there will be a restriction instead of an umbrella ban on the usage of electric vehicles. Absolutely necessary journeys like, exercising one’s profession, shopping, visiting the doctor, attending religious events, and attending court appointments, among others.

The draft cum proposal has caused a small dent in the growing electric vehicle segment. The proposal has definitely left people in a confused state. Whether they should get back to petrol and diesel cars?

To sum it up, Switzerland’s emergency draft cum proposal has not yet been enforced.

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