Electrikhana 2 The Final Drift Of The Legend Ken Block

Electrikhana 2
Electrikhana 2 The Final Drift Of The Legend Ken Block

The death of drifting legend Ken Block shook the entire motorsport universe at the beginning of January 2023. The last episode of his famous drift videos previously unreleased is a tribute to the American. In a poignant tribute to the late Ken Block, “Electrikhana 2” captures the iconic American’s final daring drive just weeks before his tragic snowmobile accident in November 2022. Despite the somber circumstances, Block’s family decided to proceed with the completion and release of the film as a fitting homage to the legendary motorsport enthusiast.

Block’s devoted fans can now relish in witnessing their idol’s last electrifying moments behind the wheel, showcasing breathtaking driving scenes and gravity-defying stunts with the Audi S1 Hoonitron. This all-electric prototype, crafted exclusively for Ken Block by Audi Sport, boasts two electric motors, all-wheel drive, a formidable total output of 500 kW, a lightweight carbon fiber chassis, and adherence to the safety standards set by the highest motorsport authority, the FIA.

The genesis of the S1 Hoonitron traces back to the initial filming of “Electrikhana” in August 2022. Where the vehicle underwent further refinement in collaboration with Ken Block. This meticulous process involved weight reduction, improved drivability, and simulated gear changes. Additionally, culminating in a unique and powerful electric driving experience.

In the inaugural episode of “Electrikhana,” Block thrilled audiences as he skillfully drifted through the streets of Las Vegas in the Audi S1 Hoonitron. The video, showcasing his unparalleled driving prowess, resonated with over 100 million viewers worldwide through various channels. For the sequel, “Electrikhana 2,” the crew of Hoonigan, Block’s own company, descended upon the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City. With its 22 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, the capital of Mexico provided a stunning backdrop. Further, featuring locations ranging from a modern airport to a spiral-shaped parking garage.

Audi Collaboration

Collaborating closely with Audi Sport engineers, Ken Block introduced a special feature for “Electrikhana 2”. In addition to a striking new livery, that only an electric vehicle could deliver. In a mesmerizing scene, the front and rear axles of the Audi S1 Hoonitron pull in opposite directions. Further, enveloping the vehicle in a vast white cloud when stationary. This innovative stunt perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the unforgettable drift artist and resonates with his loyal fan base. Further, ensuring that Ken Block’s legacy lives on in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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