EV Charger now To Be A Part Of EV Scooter Cost

EV Charger Ola EV and Ather EV
EV Chargers now To Be A Part Of EV Scooter Cost

Ather EV and Ola EV took a bold step and announced the EV charger being a part of EV scooter purchase. This decision came in based on the question related to FAME II policy doing the rounds. Post multiple discussion with the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) this decision was taken.

Ather EV & OLA EV’s decision to bundle the EV chargers with the scooter. Further, refunding the charger cost to previous owners is a strategic move. Leading to make EV ownership more convenient and accessible for its customers.

By bundling the charger with the scooter, EV manufacturers are eliminating the need for customers to purchase the charger separately, which can often be a hassle. Additionally, by refunding the charger cost to previous owners, the companies are incentivizing them to upgrade to the latest model. Further, letting them benefit from the new features and improvements.

This move also helps to address one of the major concerns of EV owners – the availability of charging infrastructure. By ensuring that customers have access to a charger, Ather EV and OLA EV are helping to remove a significant barrier to EV adoption and encouraging more people to switch to electric vehicles.

Overall, this is a smart move by Ather EV and Ola EV, as it helps to make EV ownership more accessible and convenient for customers. While also addressing some of the common concerns associated with EV ownership.

Process to avail the refund

Ather has announced to refund the cost of the charger to owners who have purchased before 12th April 2023. Customers of Ather Scooters shall receive email communication towards the eligibility of the refund claim. Ola EV is yet to announce the process of refunding the charger cost to its owners.

But we definitely see this move encouraging the buyer towards the EV segment. Both the companies published the press note on twitter and made this announcement.



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