Honda H’ness CB350 Recalled for a transmission defect in India! A voluntary initiative by the Auto Manufacturer


On 12th February 2021, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HSMI) stated that it will be recalling the recently launched H’ness CB350 to fix which maybe a faulty transmission.
The company stated it will be recalling the bikes manufactured from 25th November to 12th December 2020. A different grade material being used in the fourth gear countershaft was identified by Honda, as it may lead to a defect on extensive running off the bike.

The company shall initiate the recall by the 23rd of March 2021, wherein so far the company hasn’t received any complaints from the owners. This would not affect the warranty of the bike and the said upgrade shall be at company cost. Customers shall be informed by BigWing dealers through calls, emails & messages.

The proactive approach by Honda has reiterated the trust and commitment with their best in class service & customer experience.

Customer can submit the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the BigWing site to check if their bike needs the part to be changed and accordingly book an appointment too. VIN can be found on the purchase documents of the vehicle.

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