Hyundai Unveils The Ultimate SUV With The New Hyundai CRETA

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Unveils The Ultimate SUV With The New Hyundai CRETA

Hyundai, the acclaimed automotive giant, has unleashed the epitome of automotive excellence with the launch of the new Hyundai CRETA. Distinguished by Hyundai’s Global Design Language of ‘Sensuous Sportiness,’ this SUV is set to captivate hearts with its bold stance and head-turner design, embodying a perfect amalgamation of city-friendly practicality and daring adventure.

Commanding Presence on the Road:

The new Hyundai CRETA boasts a robust and modern exterior design. Especially, with a striking front look featuring a new radiator grill and an upright hood design. This SUV commands attention on the road, presenting a powerful and assertive road presence that is sure to turn heads.

Technological Marvel:

Branded as the ultimate SUV, the new Hyundai CRETA introduces advanced technology, safety, and comfort features. The technologically superior SUV features New Horizon LED Positioning lamp & DRLs, Quad beam LED headlamps, and a seamlessly integrated infotainment screen, providing a futuristic and cockpit-like feel in the interior. Bookings for the new Hyundai CRETA are now open, inviting thrill-seekers to experience the undisputed and ultimate driving sensation.

Powerful Performance and Versatility:

The 2024 CRETA  offers three engine options, including the sporty and powerful 1.5L Kappa Turbo GDi Petrol, 1.5L MPi Petrol, and 1.5L U2 CRDi Diesel engines. Customers can choose from four transmission options, ensuring a personalized driving experience with 6-speed Manual, IVT, 7-speed DCT, and 6-speed Automatic transmission choices. The new Hyundai CRETA is finely tuned to deliver a powerful drive experience that aligns with the aspirations of the new age customers.

Safety Redefined:

Hyundai Motor India emphasizes its commitment to safety with the new CRETA, equipped with 19 Hyundai SmartSense – Level 2 ADAS features. With over 70 safety features, including 36 standard features such as 6 airbags, all-wheel disc brakes, and Electronic Stability Control. Further, the new CRETA envelops passengers in a cocoon of safety. It’s a revolution where innovation meets aspiration.

Variety and Versatility:

The new Hyundai CRETA will be available in 7 variants and offered in 6 mono-tone colour options. Further, including the new Robust Emerald Pearl, Fiery Red, Ranger Khaki, Abyss Black, Atlas White, and Titan Grey. Additionally, there is a dual-tone option available in Atlas White with a Black Roof.

A Legacy of Leadership:

The legacy of Hyundai Creta in India drove the roads in July 2015. Further, the CRETA has been the unrivalled segment leader. Especially, it consistently held the title of the best-selling mid-size SUV for 8 years. With a legacy of redefining the SUV landscape, the CRETA has disrupted the market with its technological prowess, innovation, safety, and exceptional performance. The Hyundai CRETA has not only made India live the SUV life. But has also broken all records to be the undisputed segment leader in the industry.

Hyundai has once again proven its dedication to providing an unparalleled driving experience with the new Hyundai CRETA. Bookings are open, and enthusiasts are invited to embrace the revolution where every drive is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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