Inline Customs in Goregaon-Mumbai the new pitstop for all Bikes


A rider’s bike is a priced possession, a carrier of dreams and a friend for life. It is the rider’s baby and deserves all the attention and care that one can provide.
Inline Customs in Goregaon, Mumbai, understands every bike owner’s needs, wishes and problems. This premium service centre is a one-stop destination for riders who want their vehicles to stand out in any milieu.
The service station is well known in biking circles for Paint job, Hydrodip , Wrapping, Remapping & Restoring two-wheelers, especially the ones that have worn out over time, along with the regular service jobs. Inline Customs has carved out a place of pride with its class services, affordable rates and a penchant for customising.
Riders flock to Inline Customs to give their bikes a makeover, install special features and fix issues of all kinds.

Kyffin D’Abreo the brain behind Inline Customs, has been associated with the automobile industry for over a decade. After starting his career at Honda, D’Abreo moved to Dubai for 5 years where he first worked at Multicars and later at Subaru. Post his return to India, D’Abreo joined Indian Motorcycles in Mumbai and 2 years later he moved on to Kawasaki where he completed nearly 4 years before being an entrepreneur.
Partnering D’Abreo in the smooth functioning of Inline Customs is Uraaz Irani, who started off as an entrepreneur in 2014 and won accolades with his first business venture Zed Enterprise, a uniform designing and manufacturing unit. He is now set out to bring together his business acumen and passion – bikes. At Inline Customs, Irani offers his knowledge of how to run a successful business and an in-depth understanding of high-end superbikes.
Irani developed a strong connection with bikes even before he got his licence. He gave wings to his dreams when he joined hands with D’Abreo.
Inline Customs also stands out for its unique café-like set up where bike owners can catch up with fellow racers and riders over a cup of tea or coffee while their bikes get repaired and rejuvenated.
So, what are you waiting for? Inline Customs is your next pit-stop!

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