Innovative! Liger The First-Ever Self-Balancing E-Scooter Made in India

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Liger! Self Balancing E-Scooter

The Mumbai-based startup – ‘Liger Mobility’ launched the world’s first-ever self-balancing e-scooter – ‘Liger X’ at the Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi, India. The company has launched the Liger X in two different variants including the Liger X itself alongside the Liger X+. The Liger X is a cutting-edge technology-backed electric scooter that promises to make every riding experience easier and safer than ever before.

The electric scooter has been intelligently developed by a creative team of engineers and designers at the tech-oriented start-up – Liger Mobility. Collectively founded by the IIT alumni – Vikas Poddar and Ashutosh Upadhyay.

The company revealed the first-in-class self-balancing electric scooter intelligently applies advanced sensors and algorithms.  Ensuring it works together for constantly monitoring and adjust its balance. Which makes it almost impossible to lose balance while riding. Yes, that’s right! The riders will no longer have to worry about losing their balance or even falling off. So now while learning or even at low speeds and on rough terrains one can be fearless. In addition to this, the technology-backed scooter works in line with the reverse gear. Which allows users to reverse the scooter without needing to put their feet on the ground to balance.

In this article, we will be walking you through some of the most important details of this super classy self-balancing electric scooter that is now in the spotlight!


The contemporary Liger X gets an appealing design and has been crafted minimalistically giving it a simple yet a modern scooter look! The electric scooter also comes with clean surfaces that together form a beautiful perfect blend of modern and technology-backed elements. Furthermore, the Liget X features a triangular LED headlamp that has been smartly mounted on the front apron along with an LED DRL mounted right at the top.


The Liger X has also been crafted with the company’s proprietary ‘Auto Balancing Technology’. Moreover, it intelligently enables the electric scooter to balance itself when the vehicle is stationary or even at low speeds. This comprehensive technology aims to improve the rider’s safety, providing the utmost comfort and convenience at all times. Moreover, this self-balancing technology also makes the electric scooter easier to ride. Which comprises the beginner-level riders or riders with limited mobility.

The scooter’s digital display has been enabled with 4G and GPS connectivity. The smart display also offers live location, ride history, and temperature details among others. Additionally, it also displays mobile phone notifications like call and message alerts. The Liger X also has a connected smartphone app that further provides service reminder alerts and more. To top it all, the scooter also has an in-built security system. Enabling tracking of the scooter’s location in case of theft.


The Liger X is comprehensively equipped with a ‘Learner Mode’. It allows the rider to limit the top speed together with the Auto Balancing functionality. Moreover, the electric scooter automatically adjusts its balance in order to match the rider’s movements. As a result, making it possible for anyone to ride it with ease.


The start-up company ‘Liger’ is yet to disclose the complete details for the electric scooter. But reportedly, both the variants of the electric scooter are said to offer slightly different powertrain specifications. Both variants will be powered by a lithium-ion battery. The Liger X gets a decent range of 60 km, while the Liger X+ gets a whopping range of 100 km.

Further, the powerful electric motor generates speed of up to 30 km/h. Resulting in the vehicle being ideal for daily city commuting. Furthermore, Liger offers option of fast charging batteries for the electric scooter at an additional cost.


The Liger X is being celebrated as a game-changer in the world of two-wheelers. It is expected to have a huge impact on the way people commute around cities. Moreover, the electric scooter’s technology has the ability to make riding safer, more accessible, and even more efficient for people across all ages and abilities.

Reportedly, the Liger X is set to come in five different colour options including – Grey, Polar White, Blue, Titanium, and Red.

The bookings for both the variants of the Liger X will set in motion in mid-2023. However, the deliveries are expected to commence by the end of 2023. While the company hasn’t revealed the final price details. The Liger X is priced around Rs 1 lakh, whereas, the X+ pricing is yet to revealed.

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