Jaguar Announces Exclusive Mobility Scheme In Partnership With Moda Living

Jaguar Exclusive Mobility Scheme

International: In a bold move towards redefining urban luxury experiences, Jaguar has unveiled an exclusive mobility scheme aimed at residents of Moda Living’s premier neighborhoods in major cities. This initiative marks a significant step in Jaguar’s evolution. As it pivots towards becoming a frontrunner in the realm of luxury experiences. The centerpiece of this endeavor is the launch of an innovative car-sharing scheme. That will grant residents in select cities convenient access to the cutting-edge all-electric I-PACE on demand.

The automotive landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. As newer generations increasingly embrace the sharing economy, seeking hassle-free and eco-conscious alternatives to traditional car ownership. Jaguar’s pioneering car-sharing pilot promises to immerse residents in a lifestyle characterized by luxury and sustainability, available at their fingertips. This venture signals Jaguar’s commitment to expanding its offerings beyond conventional vehicle ownership. As it continues to blaze a trail in the luxury automobile sector.

Rawdon Glover, Managing Director at Jaguar

Further, shared his insights on this groundbreaking initiative of Jaguar exclusive mobility scheme. “At Jaguar, we are meticulously evaluating every facet of our client journey as we make the transition to an all-electric luxury car company by 2025. As we explore innovative alternatives to traditional car ownership, this program offers a customer-centric mobility solution. Further, providing on-demand concierge access to the all-electric I-PACE. Our future clientele is increasingly seeking alternatives to outright car purchases. Whereas, we will closely monitor the success of this endeavor with the possibility of expanding it to major cities worldwide.”

In a strategic partnership, Jaguar has joined forces with Moda Living, the United Kingdom’s leading Build to Rent developer and operator. Two distinguished neighborhoods have been selected for the initial rollout of this mobility service: Moda, Angel Gardens in Manchester, and Moda, New York Square in Leeds. Residents participating in the program will enjoy the flexibility of reserving an I-PACE for up to 48 hours through the dedicated Jaguar booking platform. Moreover, with seamless key handover and assistance provided by the dedicated 24-hour concierge team at each location. The booking includes comprehensive coverage for insurance, charging costs, valeting, and maintenance.

Oscar Brooks, Executive Director of Moda Living

Further, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying – “At Moda, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. Moreover, we are at the forefront of industry efforts to transition towards a low-carbon future. Our goal is to achieve operational net zero carbon by 2030. Especially, this collaboration with Jaguar empowers our residents with convenient access to an all-electric vehicle. Further, allowing them flexibility while being conscious of their carbon footprint. This represents a significant milestone on our journey towards providing sustainable transportation options to our extensive portfolio of 24,000 homes.”

The Jaguar I-PACE, since its debut, has earned more than 90 prestigious global awards. Notably, it clinched an unprecedented trifecta at the 2019 World Car of the Year Awards. Additionally, securing accolades for World Car Design of the Year, World Green Car, and the coveted title of World Car of the Year. These honors reaffirm the I-PACE’s status as the benchmark for all-electric performance SUVs.

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