THE ALL-NEW KTM 1290 SUPER R | Begin a brand new journey wherever the road ends. KTM proclaimed the all-new 1290 Super Adventure R, a brand new generation second instalment journey model. This Super Adventure bike is built to navigate through the wildest & tufa terrains for riders to explore the untouched locations. Designed with an associate degree thorough list of innovative upgrades, the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R is constructed to form a mark on any part of the earth.

KTM ADVENTURE 1290 SUPER – The All terrain Motorbike

The 2021 edition has been fully reworked with ease & an intuitive method. The all-new bodywork is constructed with a superb engineering science. That permits to hold the fuel at intervals as low as doable for higher nimbleness. Further, a lower Centre of gravity & a stronger feeling altogether for the riding conditions. Making the cornering expertise a sensation is achieved by moving the steering head back by fifteen metric linear units.

Further, relocation of engine front section & slightly longer new diecast open-lattice swingarm has been introduced for a larger depth of feeling below the acceleration. So as to realize the correct thickness & optimize rider bike contact, the engineers evaluated & cut each centimeter of the new bodywork. The new three-part fuel tank that holds twenty-three Liters & is positioned lowered to help riding equilibrium supplements the feeling of management & balance.

Further, the subframe of the chassis isbuilt with slim dimension. Moreover, the seat at 880 metric linear unit of height conjointly comes with handy storage beneath. The KTM 1290 SUPER journey R streams elements of KTM’s fecundity offroad and embraces the best of WP XPLOR technology. The fully-adjustable 48mm front forks with a strong 220 metric linear unit of travel feature split damping functions.

Performance-tailored technology

The 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER journey R has collaborated with an old master to make the latest electronic options. The new 6-axis lean angle device screens info on the precise pitch & position of the bike and its behavior. Leading to the degree of bike Traction management, Motor Slip Regulation, bike Stability management & the forces of Offroad ABS.

Further, a tweaked & disengaged rider assist option enhances rider experience. With the ex gratia RALLY mode, one will set the throttle response to aggressive. Especially, choosing one out of the 9 totally different levels of wheel spin. Apart from the regular riding modes, RAIN, Street, SPORT & OFFROAD. The all-new user-friendly 7” TFT dash hooked up to a brand new property unit. With a bigger show the accessibility is quicker & a lot of sensible menus. The KTM MY RIDE app assists with clear flip by flip directions indicators.

Premium-spec elements

The KTM 1290 SUPER journey R depends on the new monetary unit 5-ready LC8, 1.6 kilo lighter currently. Generating 160hp at 9000 rpm and 138 Nm of force at 6500 rpm for the higher power-to-weight within the same phase. KTM has searched the internals of the V-Twin powerplant to reinforce temperature change. Further, sheds grams at intervals, planning for improved rideability.


The 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER journey R options 2 separate radiators instead of the one-piece unit of its forerunner, to optimize the airflow through the bike. The neatly designed air ducts considerably reduce the quantity of warmth streaming towards the rider’s legs. Further, the distinction is definitely noticeable within the slow, tight sections. Currently, by simply removing four screws the air cleaner is definitely accessible by riders, because of the redesigned airbox. The new vertical ribs keeps the dirt or sand towards the lowest of the air box. That wasn’t the case within the earlier horizontal ribs filter. Further, leading to higher style for Hardcore journey Riders.

Some further engine upgrades comprise of lighter engine case, new piston, improved shifting, altered coating & easier filter accessibility. Alongside a re-jigged two-headed exhaust unit, with the updated package creating the LC8 flighty, multiplied responsibility & dependableness for all quite trails. The low fuel consumption at five.7 L/100 metric linear unit ensures service intervals at fifteen,000 km. Beside PANKL, KTM changed the shell shifting mechanism for quicker, lighter and a lot of responsive action. The facility of this upgrade are often tough via the ex gratia Quickshifter+. Which currently contains a quicker and even a lot of precise operation.

The Key Highlights of KTM ADVENTURE 1290 SUPER

To meet the rigours of life remote from the overwhelmed track. The KTM 1290 SUPER Adventure R gets premium level equipment’s. Wrapped around ALPINA Al spoked wheels area unit the journey specific BRIDGESTONE tyres. Which might run tubeless with a reassuring O-ring sealing material within the spoke nipples. Moreover, the trendy and eye-catching paint and graphic sets half the New generation 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER journey R. With the keyless ignition by the KTM RACE ON school takes it to a next level autonomy & separate Tire Pressure Monitor system sensors guides additional elaborate customization. The four-piston radila mounted Brembo callipers enlightens the whole show to a dire stop or satisfying slide. Further, the screen, the pegs & the handlebars are adjustable as per the riders comfort.

The New KTM 1290 SUPER journey R comes with associate degree advancement of the ex gratia software package policy, just like the S model. The Rally Pack provides the RALLY riding mode, MTC slip claims adjustor & adjustable throttle response feature. Moreover, the all-in-one school Pack contains of the Quickshifter+, Motor Slip Regulation, Hill Hold management. Further, reconciles visual signal and every one option of the Rally Pack.


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