Motorcycle Group The DARK Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary In India


India as a country is known for its diversity, and with the amount of diversity, one shall find a reservoir of passionate people. Movies have been quite an influence on these passions, Bollywood movies like Dhoom or Hollywood movies like Torque or the Fast & Furious franchise to name a few. These passion and influences eventually resulted in India being a prominent market for a luxury automobile. With that followed the trend from West of like-minded passionate people coming together, exploring and creating their travel dairies.

DARK- Devil’s Angels Riders Klub
It started with the idea back in 2012 of getting the superbikes and cruisers in one club as back in those days the passion was ruled over the bike category. Sportsbike vs Cruisers. The sportbike riders wanted to be fast and quick. While the Cruiser riders wanted to ride in a single line one behind the other but what exactly was missing? The Motorcycling passion!


So here is when DARK Devil’s (Superbikers) Angels (Cruiser Riders) Riders (Motorcyclists) Klub (A place where we make sure they did everything in a style) came into existence on 12th April 2012.

In 2013, DARK wrote its first chapter Ratnagiri with their zonal admin Mr. Darshan Jain initially with around 7 riders. It continued in 2014 with the Silvassa chapter lead by Mr. Aslam Khutliwala with 10 riders.
Today including Mumbai, Ratnagiri and Silvassa there are in total of 166 passionate riders making the largest Superbike network of India and consistently moving in one direction which is Passion for Riding.

What’s different with DARK?
The challenge wasn’t to get passionate riders to be a part of the group. The challenge was to get that discipline in Riding. DARK ensures its riders learn the importance of taking care of themselves and their co-rider first. Safety is first no matter which bike you ride the safety of a rider is the First Priority. “The Sportsbike or Cruisers come with tremendous Power and can excite one to get carried away. Hence, being disciplined while Riding is extremely important. It can not just harm you but others too- stated a member of DARK.

DARK conducts sessions on motorcycling maintenance and care. It’s important to garnish the passion with tender loving care for your machine.

What about Education?
We have all learnt things from the school, so same way we teach the A B C about motorcycling by the best school in India RACR (Rajinis Academy of Competative Racing) Rajini Krishnan (The fastest Indian Racer) is personally training our DARK members to learn the basic and advance the course of Motorcycling on the best tracks of India. – said the Founding Member Mr. Samit Wadhawan


What else does DARK do and make it special?
Traditional breakfast rides and overnight rides are one of the regular rides but the ride to international destinations build beautiful Motorcycling memories.



What do they do for Society?
As discipline is one of the most important values of DARK, the group often conducts social awareness rides like;
1. Helmet awareness rides with the RTO and Local police during the Road Safety Week
2. Youth connect in colleges and schools and educate them about road safety and motorcycles.
3. Conducting Fund Raising campaigns for social cause like childhood cancer, girl child education and any natural calamity or disaster.

The vision of the group is to get better with time and make motorcycling the most beautiful and safest in India. Wherein riders ride responsibly and always remember someone is waiting back home.



The key member of the group without whom the 9 years journey could get challenging are Mukesh Chaudhary, Rohit Malik, Ryan Fernandes, Akhil Rao, Irfan Ansari, Speedy Singh, Vimal Panchal, Toresh Vasawani, Utkarsh Bali, Jackz Bhatija, Vatsa Raut, Purav Patel, Ashish Panchal, Bobby Sawant and Prajakt Pathare. Applauded the Founder of the group Mr. Samit Wadhawan (the Rocket Rider) marking their 9th Anniversary on 12th April 2021 in a closed-door event.

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