Newly Launched 2021 The Royal Enfield Himalayan bike equipped to take any Terrain

Royal Enfield Himalayan 2021
Royal Enfield – Himalayan

When it comes to off-road riding and cruising there is very few that match the sheer power and durability of a Royal Enfield Himalayan bike. A global leader in the mid-size motorbike category Royal Enfield has now launched its new BS6 Himalayan 2021 across India, Europe, and the UK. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is in a class of its own. It fits the bill and gives you the comfort you demand in all sorts of situations. The Himalayan strikes its rhythm with every passionate rider be it a city commuter, a tourer, or an off-roader.


The newly launched RE Himalayan BS6 motorcycle comes in three colour variants that are granite black, mirage silver, and pine green. It comes with the tripper navigation like one in the RE Meteor 350. It also gets a new wind deflector shield that promises to be more efficient during long tours and high-speed cruising. The newly launched RE Himalayan bikes have a redesigned luggage hanger that helps taller riders ride comfortably without feeling the pressure on their knees while braking. It also has a new tail rack with a plate for easy loading of luggage. These new upgrades have further enriched the riding capabilities of the Royal Enfield Himalayan bike.


The new Royal Enfield Himalayan is truly a versatile adventurer that works well on city roads, outskirts, and off-road. It has a height of 1370mm which makes it comfortable for a rider to swing their leg over and place it down firmly. Its footpegs are placed at an angle that reduces the riding lag and cramps that a rider will face during long journeys or while halting at long city traffics. The wide handlebars give you good leverage even at slow speeds. As you can ride the bike sitting upright it gives you even greater visibility all of which helping a commuter ride smoothly through city traffic.


With a ground clearance of 220mm and a wider wheelbase, it offers great riding and seating ergonomics with a comfortable seat that comes with a slightly denser foam that works well on long journeys. The weight of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle is a bit on the heavier side having a Kerb Weight of 199kgs which might make it uncomfortable on narrow city roads with traffic. But with a well-distributed weight and with a fuel holding capacity of 15 Liters the Himalayan gives up to 350 km range which is more than adequate for an adventure motorcycle. The Himalayan has a 5-speed gearbox which makes cruising comfortable at the speed of 100 KMPH to 200 KMPH.


The large 21-inch wheel and suspension travel help the real adventure freaks enjoy their off-road rides and make them a memorable ones. Moreover, the feel of riding the Himalayan off the road facing those unexpected bumps is what heightens a rider’s craving to buy the Himalayan motorcycle. With a powerful 411cc, 4 Stroke Air-Cooled single-cylinder engine it becomes easier to climb elevations or jumping the motorcycle from a slope. With a switchable Dual-channel ABS and Rear wheel ABS deactivation feature made available with the BS6 model of the Himalayan, you can power slide, indulge in some tomfoolery while riding as you wish.


Overall, the bike fits in well for different moods whether you wish to get adventurous and leave the city confines or want to reach from point A to Point B without racing. The new Himalayan Royal Enfield is a motorcycle that will help you live up to your vibe.

The new Royal Enfield Himalayan price starts from ₹2.01 lakh (Ex-Showroom, India). Buying a Himalayan is completely a decision made on purpose. So, let us know your experience and purpose for buying the brand-new Royal Enfield Himalayan bike in the comments below.


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