Porsche AG 2024 Sales Remain Strong Amidst Market Challenges

Porsche AG 2024 Sales
Porsche AG Sales Remain Strong Amidst Market Challenges

Porsche AG, the renowned sports car manufacturer, has maintained a stable level of deliveries in the first quarter of 2024, despite facing various challenges in the global market. The company delivered a total of 77,640 vehicles worldwide between January and March, marking a moderate decline of four per cent compared to the previous year. Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, attributes this stability to the company’s strategic focus on updating its model lines and navigating through regulatory requirements and market dynamics.

Porsche AG – Stable Performance Amidst Global Shifts

Detlev von Platen states, “In 2024, Porsche AG is getting ready for the future. With the all-electric Macan, the new Panamera, the Taycan, and the new 911, we are updating four of our six model lines.” Despite facing delays in delivery due to regulatory requirements in North America and challenging market conditions in China, Porsche managed to maintain its deliveries at a steady pace.

Regional Performance Variances of Porsche AG

Growth in Europe and Overseas Regions

In Europe (excluding Germany), Porsche witnessed a nine per cent increase in deliveries, reaching 20,044 cars in the first quarter. Similarly, in Germany, the home market, deliveries surged by 37 per cent, totaling 11,274 units. However, in China, deliveries declined by 24 per cent to 16,340 vehicles, mainly attributed to value-oriented sales strategies and economic uncertainties. North America also experienced a decrease of 23 per cent, with 15,087 vehicles delivered, primarily due to customs-related delays. On the contrary, overseas and emerging markets saw a 14 per cent increase, with 14,895 cars delivered.

Model Performance Highlights

Great Demand for the All-Electric Macan

Despite a 14 per cent decrease in deliveries of the Porsche Macan compared to the previous year. Significant interest has been noted for the new all-electric generation of the SUV. With 28,025 units delivered, the Porsche Cayenne recorded a 20 per cent increase in deliveries, indicating sustained demand.

Iconic Models Retain Popularity of Porsche AG

The legendary Porsche 911 sports car remains highly sought-after, with 12,892 units sold globally, marking a 17 per cent increase. However, deliveries of the Panamera and the Taycan experienced declines of 28 per cent and 54 per cent. Respectively, attributed to model changes and product cycle transitions.


Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG
Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG

Detlev von Platen emphasizes, “With our attractive new models, we are bringing the strongest Porsche product portfolio of all time onto the road in 2024.” Despite the challenges posed by rapid model launches. Porsche remains focused on value-oriented sales and ensuring a smooth transition into the future. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Porsche’s adaptability and commitment to excellence position it well for the years ahead.

Porsche AG
January – March
2023 2024 Difference
Worldwide 80,767 77,640 -4%
Germany 8,247 11,274 +37%
North America 19,651 15,087 -23%
China 21,365 16,340 -24%
Europe (excluding Germany) 18,420 20,044 +9%
Overseas and emerging markets 13,084 14,895 +14%