Porsche AG Reports Strong Sales Growth In The First Three Quarters Of 2023

Porsche AG
Porsche AG Reports Strong Sales Growth In The First Three Quarters Of 2023

Porsche AG, the renowned luxury automobile manufacturer, has posted impressive sales figures for the first three quarters of 2023, as it continues to strengthen its global presence. The company delivered 242,722 vehicles to customers during this period, marking a notable 10 percent increase compared to the same timeframe in the previous year.

Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, attributes this outstanding performance to the company’s strategic focus on exclusive and highly individualized products tailored to meet the unique preferences of its discerning clientele. He emphasized the company’s resilience amid global economic uncertainties, crediting Porsche’s highly balanced global sales structure as a significant advantage.

Strong Demand in Key Markets

Porsche’s impressive growth was particularly pronounced in several key regions. In Europe, the automaker delivered 51,742 vehicles during the first nine months of 2023, reflecting an impressive 23 percent increase. The home market of Germany also experienced a surge, with 24,814 cars delivered, signifying a remarkable 19 percent increase over the previous year.

North America witnessed a robust double-digit increase, with 64,487 vehicles delivered, representing a 14 percent upturn. However, in China, Porsche delivered 60,748 vehicles, marking a 12 percent decrease, primarily due to ongoing economic challenges in the region. Meanwhile, overseas and emerging markets saw substantial growth, with 40,931 vehicles delivered to customers, indicating a remarkable 23 percent increase.

Popular Models Continue to Shine

Among Porsche’s stellar lineup of vehicles, the Porsche 911 stood out with a substantial 27 percent increase in deliveries, as 38,789 units of the iconic model were delivered in the first three quarters.

The new Cayenne, which celebrated its world premiere in April, also experienced strong demand, with 64,457 luxury SUVs delivered in the first nine months, though this marked a minor decline of 3 percent. This dip was attributed to staggered market launches in different regions, resulting in temporarily lower product availability in markets with later launch dates.

Other notable models that contributed to Porsche’s success include the Porsche Macan, which saw 68,354 deliveries, representing a 15 percent increase, and the Panamera luxury saloon, with 26,779 deliveries marking a 5 percent rise. The 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman models combined for 16,458 deliveries, reflecting an 18 percent increase.

Taycan’s Ascending Trajectory

The electric Taycan model witnessed a significant surge in deliveries. As 27,885 customers received their new Taycan vehicles, indicating an 11 percent increase. Detlev von Platen expressed his optimism about the Taycan’s continued success. Further, emphasizing that it has been a success story since its market launch in 2019. He anticipates a substantial increase in sales for the Taycan this year. Despite challenges in the supply chain and varying development in the battery electric vehicle (BEV) markets worldwide.

Detlev von Platen remains confident in Porsche’s performance for the remainder of the calendar year. Further, stated- “Both global deliveries and demand for models of our brand remain at a high level. We, therefore, start the end-of-year sprint full of strength and vigor while remaining attentive and consistently focused on value-oriented growth.”

Porsche AG: Deliveries January – September 2023
  • Worldwide: 242,722 vehicles (10% increase compared to 2022)
  • Germany: 24,814 vehicles (19% increase compared to 2022)
  • North America: 64,487 vehicles (14% increase compared to 2022)
  • China: 60,748 vehicles (12% decrease compared to 2022)
  • Europe (excluding Germany): 51,742 vehicles (23% increase compared to 2022)
  • Overseas and emerging markets: 40,931 vehicles (23% increase compared to 2022)

Porsche AG continues to thrive and demonstrate its unwavering appeal among luxury automobile enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, with a diverse range of high-quality vehicles and a resilient global sales strategy.

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