PORSCHE Celebrating 75 Years of Sheer Luxury!

Porsche Celebrating 75 years of Glory. Driven by Dreams!

Every Porsche birthday is worth a grand celebration, but this year it is going to be beyond special. Remarkably, as Porsche turns 75 years old, there are events and opportunities in motion throughout the year. Celebrating the landmark birth anniversary at their best!

To begin with, the celebrations kicked off with a special exhibition namely ‘Driven by Dreams. 75 years of Porsche sports cars’, which successfully commenced on the 27th of January 2023 at the ‘DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum’ in Berlin and will run until the 10th of September 2023.

The creative slogan – ‘Driven by Dreams’ beautifully defines the pure essence of the brand – Porsche. Moreover, the slogan highlights the deep approach outlining the people behind this significant sports brand Porsche. Those who have worked wholeheartedly every day to give life to the dreams of customers right around the globe.


Taking you back in the year – 1948, when Mr. Ferry Porsche gave life to his dream of a sports car. Along with his team, he produced the world-renowned – Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster. This marked the notable birth of the legendary brand – Porsche. Further setting the foundation for a significant success story of the Porsche legend.

Paying homage to the original Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster while marking its 75th birth anniversary, the sports car brand created a very special birthday present by introducing the all new – Porsche Vision 357 as a gift to itself. The car purely underlines the importance of Porsche’s design DNA which is completely based on the 356. This sports car has been innovatively built on the best version of the brand’s current compact two-seater – the 718 Cayman GT4 RS.


The Porsche Vision 357 is an eminent homage to the original Porsche 356. The new sports car comes with the elegant monolithic, clamshell-like detailing of the 365 original. It further strips the silhouette back to its basic proportions and emphasizes the curve of the roof while it seamlessly flows down over the striking rear wheel arches.

Some of the striking details include the concealed door openers that come by the side windows and the tail lights that gently sit behind a patterned array of points in the car’s bold body. Another highlight of the 357 is the classic grille pattern in the rear where the third brake light has been smartly integrated. Furthermore, just like all the current Porsche models, this new sports car features a four-point light signet in the front. The car also gets a round design of headlights that is also a throwback to the characteristic lights of the original 356.


The sports car manufacturer – Porsche will continue its anniversary celebrations just outside Stuttgart at Retro Classics. In addition to this, some of the prominent event highlights include:


– The famous trade fair for the classic car culture will take place from the 23rd of February 2023 to the 26th of February 2023.


– On the 9th of June 2023, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen will completely open an extensive special exhibition.
– At the Hockenheimring, on the 10th of June 2023 and 11th of June 2023, Porsche Germany will prominently highlight the anniversary at the ‘Festival of Dreams’. Here, the sports car manufacturer – Porsche will showcase the history, the present, and what the future holds for the brand. The ‘Festival of Dreams’ will also offer overnight options that will come with a specially designated ‘van’ area.


– The conclusion of the ongoing worldwide activities will be the ‘Rennsport Reunion’ car festival. To be held in California from the 28th of September 2023 to the 1st of October 2023.

In addition to the above, there will be exclusive vehicle exhibitions, ‘Dream Talks’, live acts, and various other innovatively themed experiences and a pool of iconic highlights. The legendary success story of ‘75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars’ will also see a grand celebration at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Moreover, the premium exhibition materials from the exclusive ‘Driven by Dreams’ will be driven to more than 60 destinations in Europe and the US in a ‘Heritage Truck’ that has been specially designed for this extraordinary birth anniversary.

In essence, for decades, the company has been giving life to world-class sports cars like no other. The 75th birth anniversary not only marks the significant success story. But also highlights 75 years of exemplary evolution that Porsche has brought to the sports car industry.

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