Porsche India opens 5 new Showrooms across India

Porsche India opens 5 showrooms in India
Porsche India opens 5 new Showrooms across India

Porsche India expands its retail network and showcase its commitment towards expansion in Indian market. Porsche inaugurates five new facilities in a week to support its strategic growth plan. The all-new showrooms in Bengaluru and Chennai were inaurated along with the renovated and reopened showrooms located in Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. This brings the total number of Porsche showrooms to eight, addition to a Porsche Studio in Delhi.

Porsche Performance

Further, Dr Manfred Bräunl, CEO of Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE, said the expansion is an example of how Porsche India is committed to exceeding market expectations and delivering a high level of customer experience. The new showrooms aim to offer an immersive experience that showcases Porsche’s innovations in engineering, safety, performance, connectivity, and efficiency. The expansion accompanied by Porsche India’s commendable sales performance in 2022, with a 64% growth over the previous year. The SUV segment of Porsche had a strong demand among buyers, along with the sports car segment. With a 69% growth in the sales of SUV’s, the Cayenne was highlighted as the top-selling model.

Further, now Porche India shall offer a seamless experience and ease of accessibility across India for prospective buyers. Additionally, Brand Director for Porsche India Mr Manolito Vujicic thanked all stakeholders for their support towards delivering an ambitious target in a stipulated timeline.

Porsche Experience

Moreover, the all-new Porsche India showrooms offer an immersive experience to the customers by showcasing Porsche’s history. Along with its innovations in engineering, performance, safety, connectivity and efficiency. Further, setting the benchmark theme for future showrooms across locations in the sub-continent. Moreover, 3 new dealerships were appointed last year, as a roadmap for future growth, catering to a larger and niche market.
Porsche India’s new investor in Kolkata has taken over the same location where the previous Porsche Centre used to be and has completely overhauled it. The renovated facility is now considered a new facility and is ready to be inaugurated.

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