Price Hike Announced By Maruti Suzuki On All Models

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Price Hike Announced By Maruti Suzuki On All Models

New Delhi, 18th January 2024 – In a recent development, Maruti Suzuki India, a prominent player in the Indian automotive industry. Now Maruti has officially announced a price increase across its entire model range, effective immediately. The decision comes as part of the company’s strategic adjustments to meet evolving market dynamics.

Weighted Average Increase of 0.45% Across Models

According to a regulatory filing by Maruti Suzuki India, the price hike is accompanied by an estimated weighted average increase of 0.45 percent. Further, this figure is calculated based on the ex-showroom prices of the various models in Delhi. The price hike will address various factors impacting the automotive sector. Further, including rising input costs and market demands.

Maruti Price Hike Effective Date: January 16, 2024

The revised pricing structure, affecting models from the economical Alto to the premium Invicto. Further, this cost change will officially come into effect from January 16, 2024. Further, the customers will have to account these change in cost while planning their automotive purchases in the upcoming months.

Maruti Suzuki Model Range: Affordable to Premium Options

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) offers a diverse array of cars catering to different segments of the market. With models ranging from the budget-friendly Alto to the sophisticated Invicto. Further, the company has positioned itself as a versatile player in the automotive landscape. The ex-showroom prices of these models span from ₹3.54 lakh to ₹28.42 lakh. Further, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing options for a wide range of consumers.

This latest pricing update from Maruti Suzuki India underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the automotive industry. Further, the measures companies are taking to navigate these complexities. As consumers evaluate their choices, the revised prices should be a key consideration in their decision-making process.