Range Rover Sport Stealth A Dark And Dramatic Luxury SUV

Range Rover Sport Stealth
Range Rover Sport Stealth A Dark And Dramatic Luxury SUV

In a bold move that accentuates the darker facets of luxury, Range Rover has unveiled its latest offering. The Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack option. This new addition to the Range Rover lineup promises not just refinement and opulence. But a sense of mystery and intrigue, appealing to those who seek a more enigmatic driving experience.

The Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack

Dark and Dramatic Finishes

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Sport Stealth Pack features a carefully curated blend of dark and dramatic finishes. The exterior boasts a striking Carpathian Grey Satin paint, adorned with contrasting gloss black accents. While the interior offers a choice between Ebony or Light Cloud perforated Windsor Leather, adding to the allure of the vehicle’s aesthetic.

Innovative Features Redefining Luxury

Setting a new standard in luxury SUVs, the Stealth Pack introduces innovative features that elevate both style and functionality. Notably, it incorporates the use of Satin Protective Film, a factory-fitted option that not only enhances the vehicle’s appearance. Especially, with a contemporary satin finish but also provides essential scratch protection. Furthermore, the Range Rover Sport is equipped with the latest in digital technology, including an 11.4-inch InControl touchscreen and over-the-air updates for added convenience and security features such as walkaway locking/unlock on approach.

Exclusive Availability and Performance of the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack

Available exclusively with the Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE, the Stealth Pack offers a choice of petrol or diesel mild-hybrid six-cylinder engines. Further, ensuring exceptional performance to match its distinctive appearance. While plug-in electric hybrid engines will be introduced later in 2024. Moreover, the current lineup delivers a visceral, sporting experience that is unmistakably Range Rover.

Luxurious Interior Craftsmanship

Inside the vehicle, the luxury continues with sculpted seating and a reductive center console featuring a single 11.4-inch touchscreen. Clients can immerse themselves in the dark and moody theme. Especially, with either perforated Ebony or Light Cloud Windsor Leather, complemented by Natural Black Veneers. Further, enhancing the interior’s premium feel!

Designer Insight of the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack

Hannah Custance, Range Rover Materiality Design Manager

Sheds light on the inspiration behind the Stealth Pack. “The new Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack option is inspired by a refined and contemporary sports aesthetic. Crafted for clients focused towards specification which conveys empowerment and strength.”

Pricing and Future Innovations

The cost of the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack is £11,235 RRP as an option pack in the UK. Further, offering luxury enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in the darker side of sophistication. Looking ahead, Range Rover plans to introduce plug-in electric hybrid options. Basically, cementing its position as a leader in modern sporting luxury. With its blend of style, performance, and innovation, the Sport Stealth Pack sets a new benchmark for luxury SUVs. Further, promising an unrivaled driving experience for those who dare to embrace the dark.