Automobile Sector faces Another Hurdle!


India’s driving automobile makers have approached the government authority looking for dire intercession to address the semi-conductor shortage issue. The automobile sector has mentioned to the government authority to put pressure via embassies to re-establish supplies of the semi-conductor.

In order to meet the production requirement, the automobile sector has demanded strong intervention by Indian Embassies situated overseas. As the sector has recently begun seeing an interest restoration and any further interruption will deteriorate the automobile sector, said a source. The spokesperson of the automobile industry have approached the Indian Embassies in Germany, USA, Japan & Taiwan. Indian missions can move toward providers to guarantee satisfactory allotment of semi-conductors to the Indian auto industry, said an industry source mentioning obscurity.

The supply of semi-conductors has affected the entirety of India’s traveler vehicle creators and business vehicle makers. Which are utilized in making electronic control units, anti-lock braking systems, electronic brake systems and sensors.

Lack of semi-conductors has created major delays in production & deployment of the vehicles, said an industry source. The industry experts are projecting the lack of availability to spill over to FY-2022

Rising demand have by the automobile sector has witnessed a setback due to interruptions in provisions of semi-conductors. As a result, many popular automobile brands have recorded huge waiting period for bookings.

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