Speed Sports Philippos Matthai bags a triple in Autocross Nationals

Philippos Matthai Autocross National winner
Speed Sports Philippos Matthai bags a triple in Autocross Nationals
News: Philippos Matthai bags triple in Autocross Nationals

It seems like Philippos Matthai from team Speed Sport performed exceptionally well in the second round of the BMC FMSCI Indian National Autocross Championship (INAC), organized by the Indian Automotive Racing Club (IRAC). He not only recorded the fastest time but also won a triple crown in three different classes. Which is a remarkable achievement.

Philippos Matthai performance in Autocross Nationals

Moreover, it sounds like the 1.2 km lap on the winding dirt track was a challenging course with a couple of tricky corners. Philippos Matthai’s impressive lap time of 1 min, 36:37 seconds earned him the title of the overall fastest driver. This is a significant achievement considering the competitive nature of the event.

It’s worth noting that the three Goans, Azim Hanchi, Amey Desai, and Saamag Kudchadkar, finished behind Philippos in that order. They also performed well, considering the difficulty of the course, with lap times of 1:40:64, 1:41:06, and 1:41:48, respectively.

The fact that these drivers were able to perform at such a high level in a competitive event speaks to their skill and determination. Moreover, it’s clear that autocross is a sport that requires a high degree of precision and control. And the top performers like Philippos and the Goans have clearly mastered these skills.

Further, Philippos Matthai’s achievement in winning the triple crown in three different classes is a testament to his skill and determination. It takes a lot of practice, precision, and expertise to perform at such a high level in this sport. His victory is sure to inspire other aspiring autocross drivers. Further, motivating them to work harder and aim for similar success in the future.

About Autocross

Autocross is a motorsport that involves driving a car on a specially designed course. Usually marked by cones, with the aim of completing it in the fastest time possible. The INAC is a prestigious event in India that attracts some of the best autocross drivers in the country.


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