The All New 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE

KTM Super Duke 1390

Evolution of THE BEAST: A Journey through Generations

In a relentless pursuit of performance excellence, KTM has consistently raised the bar with each iteration of its SUPER DUKE lineup. From the revolutionary KTM 990 SUPER DUKE to the exclusive KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR, and the technologically advanced 2022 KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R EVO, the Austrian powerhouse now takes another giant leap with the unveiling of the 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO.

When Hunters Become the Hunted: The Uncompromising Aggression of THE BEAST

The 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R continues to uphold its title as THE BEAST, showcasing unparalleled aggression and high-performance characteristics. With significant updates to its engine, suspension, and electronics, this iteration introduces a menacing new look that reaffirms its dominance on the street.

Aesthetics Reinvented: The All-New Look of THE BEAST 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE

Under the section titled BODYWORK, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R undergoes a striking evolution, featuring a redesigned LED headlight unit, tank spoilers with added winglets, and a reduced subframe cover. Celebrating 30 YEARS OF DUKE, the bike boasts colorways inspired by the original KTM 990 SUPER DUKE model.

Power and Style Unleashed: Fuel Tank and Redesigned Air Intake

Further, the 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R introduces a redesigned air intake and airbox. Further, allowing for a 1.5L increase in fuel tank size, totaling 17.5L. The restyled tank spoilers not only enhance the bike’s appearance. But also features functional winglet to improvise the downforce and reduce front wheel lift.

Chassis Mastery: Suspension Upgrades for Ultimate Control

The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO build upon the 2020 chassis with key upgrades. The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R features an updated WP APEX suspension. While the EVO variant boasts the 3RD-GEN WP APEX SEMI ACTIVE SUSPENSION for a customizable riding experience.

Precision on Two Wheels: Wheels, Tires, and Braking System

The 2024 models come equipped with new lightweight MICHELIN Power GP tires. Further, enhancing both racetrack performance and on-road usability. The braking system utilizes Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers for ultimate control. Altogether, with a new Brembo MCS master cylinder allowing increased adjustability.

Raw Power Unleashed: The Revamped LC8 V-Twin Engine

Explore the heart of THE BEAST in the REVISED LC8 V-TWIN section. Especially, as the 2024 models aim for a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. With a larger bore, an increased engine displacement of 1350 cc, and an all-new cam shift. The engine delivers a staggering 190 Hp at 10,000 rpm and 145 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm while meeting EURO 5+ homologation.

Technological Marvels: Modern-Day Features and Enhancements

The TECH segment showcases the high-tech features of the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO. From the 5-inch TFT display and tire pressure monitor system to the array of ride modes (including an optional PERFORMANCE MODE and TRACK MODE). Basically, these bikes represent the pinnacle of NAKED motorcycle technology.

Customize Your Ride: KTM PowerParts and PowerWear

Under KTM POWERPARTS, riders can further enhance their experience with a range of high-end components tailored for these models. Additionally, the KTM POWERWEAR section highlights dedicated riding gear designed to complement the confidence and performance of THE BEAST.

With the 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO. KTM once again proves its commitment to pushing the boundaries of hyper-naked performance motorcycles. As THE BEAST evolves, riders can expect an unparalleled combination of power, precision, and style on the road.

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