The all new Electric Concept car ID.2all by Volkswagen

MotoGazer Volkswagen ID.2all Concept Car
The all new Electric Concept car ID.2all by Volkswagen

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In the era of Electric Mobility, Volkswagen continues its success story of compact vehicles with ID.2all concept car. Further, showcasing the first ever glimpse of the all-electric Volkswagen that’s going to cost less than £. 25,000.

Initial Highlights of the car.

A Front-wheel drive with a range of up to 450 km that comes with innovative technological features like Travel Assist, IQ.LIGHT or EV Route Planner and an all-new Volkswagen design language. Further, the production version shall be based on the MEB Entry platform. The ID.2All shall be 1 of ten new electric models to be launched by Volkswagen around 2026.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars:

“The company is transforming rapidly and fundamentally. Our clear objective is of making Volkswagen a brand that’s genuinely Loved. The ID. 2all portrays our projections of the brand. Moreover, by offering top technology in combination with a fantastic design we are assured of being closer to the customer. Additionally, by implementing the transformation at a pace we are bringing electric mobility to the masses.”
Further, Volkswagen shall showcase the production version of the ID. 2all for the European market by 2025. Our goal is of keeping the cost of the starting variant less than 25,000 €

Imelda Labbé, Brand Board of Management – Member :

“The transition of the typical Volkswagen virtues to the new world of mobility. High quality and workmanship, superlative software and digital services with genuine added value. Our focus will always be on the needs and requirements of customers.”

Kai Grünitz, Brand Board of Management – Member – Technical Development:

The Volkswagen ID.2all development is based on the new evolutionary stage of the modular electric drive (MEB) platform. “The ID. 2all will be the 1st MEB vehicle with front-wheel drive. We are utilizing the great flexibility provided by our modular electric drive (MEB) platform. Further, new standards will be set in terms of technology and day-to-day usability with the MEB Entry platform.”

The Volkswagen ID.2all is equipped with efficient drive, battery and charging technology that is with the enhanced MEB Entry platform. Moreover, it comes with a powerful electric drive motor generating an output of 166 kW/226 PS. It gets up to 450km calculated WLTP range.

Andreas Mindt, Head of Design – Volkswagen Passenger Cars

The focus of Volkswagen shall be design. “The ID. 2all showcases the preview of the new design of Volkswagen, based on the three pillars stability, likeability and enthusiasm.”

Exterior design: Dynamic, friendly face and new C-pillar signature

The C-pillar design is one element of this new design developed for the first Golf. The ID. 2all is the first Volkswagen with a new exegesis of this signature. Additionally, other design features of the ID.2all concept car comprise a body with a clear and powerful stance on the wheels, a friendly face, a great portion of dynamics and timeless elegance.

Interior design: spacious, high-quality appearance, self-explanatory operation

The interior also has a clear design and is distinguished by a high-quality appearance. Further, it gets a user-friendly infotainment system with classic volume control and a separate air conditioning block. Moreover, the storage capacity is a generous 490–1,330ltrs, a capacity exceeding that of higher vehicle classes.

Accelerated electric offensive: 10 new electric models by 2026

The production version of the ID. 2all is 1 of 10 new electric vehicles that Volkswagen will be launching by 2026. Moreover, the year 2023 alone will see the launch of the new ID.3, the ID. Buzz (long wheelbase) and the ID.7. Further, followed by a compact electric SUV in 2026 and, despite all the challenges, Volkswagen is also working on an electric car costing less than 20,000€. Further, Volkswagen shall have the widest range of electric vehicles compared with its competitors. Volkswagen is aiming to achieve an 80% share in Europe for the electric car segment. The Volkswagen Passenger Cars have held a 70% share previously based on its calculations.

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