The all new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Limited Edition Series – Haute Voiture!

MotoGazer Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture
The all new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Limited Edition Series - Haute Voiture!

Mercedes-Maybach recently released the exclusive S-Class Haute Voiture during an event in Dubai. The car has been meticulously built using only the finest materials with superior craftsmanship. That showcases the Mercedes-Maybach’s aura at its best! Moreover, this limited edition S-Class Haute Voiture is said to be a creative evolution of the most sought-after concept model of the same name presented back in May this year.
Here’s more about the luxury sedan in detail:


The world-class limited edition S-Class Haute Voiture features a chic personalized style. That has been meticulously crafted in line with the Concept Haute Voiture! The exteriors of this luxury sedan have been elegantly characterized by a two-tone paint finish. That includes: an exclusive combination of bold metallic nautical blue on the top, and a light shimmering rose tone in the lower section alongside the sophisticated nautical blue metallic rims.

Setting itself apart from its contemporaries, the luxury sedan now boasts the classic surround lighting feature that has animated projection alongside. This modish feature lights up the front and the rear entry areas with the animated Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-Maybach patterns. That have been creatively backed by LCD technology right when the doors are opened!

The exteriors of this luxury sedan also effortlessly feature the most sought-after dark nautical blue and rose gold tones. That have been carefully clubbed with the additional crystal and glossy opal white features like no other.


Inspired by the one-of-a-kind Haute Couture! The brand new Haute Voiture complements its interiors by perfectly highlighting the most intricate details. Which goes in line with the luxury sedan’s sophisticated luxury statement of all times.

The fashion inspired ‘bouclé’ fabric takes a constant run throughout the sedan. That also comes in several shades including: blue, beige, rose gold, and gold shades. The interiors also boast additional designed details that have been comprehensively featured within the seat covers and cushions.

In addition to this, the Haute Voiture features the exquisite crystal white leather. That in turn embraces the passengers all the way through the consoles, doors, and scatter cushions. Furthermore, the floor mats have been tailor-made of fine linen and mohair. The elegant rose gold colored champagne flutes have been efficiently integrated with the display in the rear.
Rooting to the origins of this limited edition series. The blue tone leather piping has also been seamlessly integrated within the consoles.


The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture features the grand MBUX infotainment system that works best on the exquisite interiors. To complement the luxury-driven Maybach experience, the S-Class Haute Voiture will be smartly accompanied by a custom-made gift box. This gift box will further feature the limited edition sedan’s badge number. Along with a scaled model and a key ring. In addition to these, the gift box will also come with a special car cover. That will feature the exclusive Maybach and Haute Voiture logo that will be gifted to the customers.


The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture limited edition features an exquisite combination of superior craftsmanship, usage of high-quality materials, and distinct details. That have been clubbed to create a sense of sophisticated exclusivity throughout the drive.

The official retailing of this world-class sedan will begin in early 2023 across all Maybach Icons of Luxury stores. The limited edition S-Class Haute Voiture will be comprehensively available in varied styles and sizes as well. In addition to this, each luxury sedan will feature a badge in the center console. That will creatively outline its number within the limited run of 150.

Only 150 units of the luxury sedan will be available worldwide exclusively.

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