The All New Volkswagen ID.X Performance Concept Car

Volkswagen ID.X Performance

The automotive world was recently electrified as Volkswagen unveiled their futuristic all-electric sports limousine, the ID.X Performance, during the ID. Treffen event held in Locarno on the Swiss side of Lago Maggiore from September 8th to 9th. This cutting-edge show car showcases a harmonious blend of power, performance-focused engineering, and striking aesthetics. That are sure to captivate car enthusiasts worldwide.

Maria Soni Reissfelder, the Head of Marketing & Sales for Volkswagen’s ID. Family, shared her excitement, stating, “Presenting the ID.X Performance in front of ID. enthusiasts from across Europe gives us the chance to meet members of the ID. Drivers Club in person.” She also praised the engineering prowess of Andreas Reckewerth and his team. Who harnessed the full potential of Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive platform (MEB) to combine sports car performance with the elegance of a limousine. In addition to the ID.X Performance showpiece, Volkswagen also showcased a range of production models, including the recently launched ID.7 2. Which has garnered significant attention since its pre-sales launch in Germany.

Andreas Reckewerth, the Head of Technology Office MEB, and his team worked their magic on the basis of the new ID.7, emphasizing the MEB’s remarkable versatility in vehicle development. He explained, “The MEB offers many fantastic possibilities for approaching vehicle development with a great deal of creativity. It was clear to us that we wanted to base our new show car on the ID.7 and that we would focus on enhancing the performance. In this way, we can show what is possible.”


The ID.X Performance makes a bold statement with its dynamic appearance, showcasing its unique athleticism. Sporting a carbon front splitter and rear diffuser, the all-electric limousine exudes a sporty aura. Engineers increased the toe by 80 millimeters and lowered the sports suspension with especially stiff springs by 60 millimeters. Significantly enhancing its performance and agility. Riding on 20-inch sports alloy wheels with central locks and 265 racing tires, the vehicle’s rear is equipped with a carbon wing for added downforce. Tinted tail light clusters further emphasize the sporty character of this high-performance electric limousine. Inside, occupants are treated to carbon bucket seats, offering optimal support even during spirited driving. Red accents throughout the interior underscore its sporty appeal.


Under the hood, the ID.X Performance boasts a powerful dual-motor drive delivering a formidable 441 kW (558 PS) of power, with the added bonus of a boost function. Volkswagen has cleverly combined a permanently excited synchronous motor on the rear axle with an additional asynchronous motor on the front axle to create an all-wheel drive system. This configuration offers short-time overload capabilities and minimal drag losses. Further, making it ideal for delivering short bursts of power when needed. The drive torque is masterfully controlled by a Vehicle Dynamics Manager.hich also manages the rear axle differential lock, and it’s all conveniently displayed on a separate 17-centimeter screen in the center console.

To keep this electrifying performance going, the ID.X Performance relies on a high-capacity drive battery that supports both high continuous power output and rapid charging, with a capacity of up to 200 kW.

The ID. Treffen event in Locarno served as a congregation of electric vehicle enthusiasts, where Volkswagen proudly introduced the ID.X Performance. Attendees had the opportunity to share their passion for electric mobility and participate in group excursions. This gathering, organized by ID. customers and members of the ID. Drivers Club, set a new attendance record in 2023 with over 130 vehicles. The Volkswagen brand team was on hand with a team of experts to provide insights into the latest developments in electric mobility. Alongside the ID.X Performance, Volkswagen also showcased other exciting models from the ID. family, including the previously acclaimed ID. XTREME3 and ID. Xcite3 show cars, leaving a lasting impression on the electric vehicle community.

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