The All New Volkswagen Passat Facelift On Final Test Drives

Volkswagen Passat
The All New Volkswagen Passat Facelift On Final Test Drives

International: The world premiere of the new Volkswagen Passat Variant is scheduled for the end of August. Further, Volkswagen has now revealed some exciting details about its interior architecture. The redesigned interior incorporates a fresh concept, featuring high-grade materials and effective noise insulation. That elevate the overall quality and comfort to new heights. As an optional feature, the Passat Variant offers ergoActive front seats with electrical adjustment. Further, providing up to 14-way customization along with various massage and air conditioning functions.

New Passat Final Testing

To enhance user experience and make operation more intuitive, the Passat Variant incorporates valuable feedback from Volkswagen customers. The new interior architecture is designed with a newly developed cockpit and infotainment system. Moreover, the standard infotainment display measures 32 cm (12.9 inches), and an optional 38 cm (15-inch) display is available depending on the chosen equipment. Backlit touch sliders positioned beneath the infotainment system display allow easy adjustment of functions like interior temperature and volume. Moreover, Volkswagen offers an optional head-up display that projects information onto the windshield, creating a virtual space in front of the vehicle. Additionally, the multifunction steering wheel is equipped with buttons to simplify operation.

About the Passat Facelift

The new Passat Variant boasts increased dimensions compared to its predecessor, resulting in more space for passengers and cargo. Additionally, the new Passat gets a larger legroom due to the extended length of the vehicle. Moreover, it gets a spacious boot, offering a total of 690 liters (when loaded up to the height of the rear seat backrests). Folding down the rear bench seat further increases the capacity by 140 liters, resulting in a total of 1920 liters.

Expected Launch

Scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024, the new Passat Variant belongs to the ninth generation of this highly successful mid-sized car. With a history spanning over 50 years and sales exceeding 30 million units, this model incorporates numerous innovations, including an intuitive display and operating concept, a premium-quality interior, a new adaptive chassis control system, and plug-in hybrid drives with electric ranges of up to 100 kilometers.


Improvements in the running gear of the new Passat Variant have been achieved through various measures. These include increased camber stiffness and improved lateral force steering of the four-link rear axle, resulting in enhanced rear axle stability and driving safety. The vehicle incorporates a new electromechanical steering setup, modified anti-roll bars, shock absorbers, and adaptations for different wheel rims. The combination of a more direct steering ratio and a longer wheelbase contributes to superior driving characteristics.


Volkswagen offers an advanced generation of the adaptive chassis control system known as DCC Pro as an optional feature. Equipped with two-valve shock absorbers, this system continuously adapts to the road surface and driving conditions. Especially, taking into account parameters such as steering, braking, and acceleration. It calculates and adjusts the ideal damping for each wheel within fractions of a second. Drivers have the flexibility to adjust the DCC according to their preferences, ranging from a very comfortable to a sporty setting. In essence, this system enhances both comfort and dynamics.


Included as standard equipment is the Vehicle Dynamics Manager, an MQB system introduced in the current Golf GTI. This system controls the functions of the electronic differential locks (XDS) and the lateral dynamics components of the controlled shock absorbers in the DCC Pro system. By performing wheel-specific brake interventions and wheel-selective adjustment of shock absorber hardness, the Vehicle Dynamics Manager enhances handling by ensuring more neutral, stable, agile, and precise driving characteristics.

The Passat Variant offers an exceptional lighting system to illuminate the road ahead. Premium specification packages include the new generation IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights. These powerful headlights are flatter than their predecessors and feature a high-performance main beam with a range of approximately 500 meters. At the rear, the new Passat Variant showcases a continuous horizontal LED strip integrated into the tail light clusters.

The new Volkswagen Passat Variant benefits from the versatility of the modular transverse matrix, known as MQB evo, in its design. By leveraging this new development stage, Volkswagen has achieved significant advancements in ride and travel comfort. The longer wheelbase and the new adaptive chassis control with two-valve shock absorbers contribute to the exceptional comfort experience. Furthermore, the intuitive display and operating concept, coupled with climate-controlled massage seats, exemplify the premium standard found in the Passat Variant’s interior.

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