The Electric Scooter Fire Report Says Lack Of Basic Safety

MotoGazer Electric Scooter Fire Report

The expert panel formed to investigate the Electric Scooter Fire report the findings. Based on the investigation the EV’s lacked basic safety measures. Further recommending the government corrective measures not restricting itself to proceed with legal action against the manufacturers.

Moreover, as per the expert committee findings, the EV’s lacked venting mechanism which should release the energy of the overheated cells. Resulting in a direct issue with the battery management system. Additionally, the expert report also states the Electric Scooters compromised on safety with minimal functions and shortcuts. The manufacturers have already received the recommendations. Soon the final report shall be submitted.

Battery Management

Further, the panel highlights there was no mechanism provided to recognize overheating or failure of cells to isolate the failed battery cells. To prevent the rupture of cells, there needs to be a vent allowing the gaseous pressure to release while in motion. Moreover, the basic battery management system elements are missing. When overheated the basic battery management system identifies and cuts off the supply.

Further, the EV manufacturers compromised on the basic identification system that indicates failed cells. An EV requires an intelligent battery management system. That monitors and regulates the power supply to avoid overheating and overcharging.

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