The End Of An Era Jaguar F-TYPE ZP Limited Edition

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition
The End Of An Era Jaguar F-TYPE ZP Limited Edition

Jaguar is bidding farewell to its internal combustion sports car lineage in 2024 with a special tribute to the iconic 1960s racing E-types. As the company takes monumental steps toward becoming a modern luxury all-electric brand. Further, this limited-edition Jaguar F-TYPE ZP Edition marks the culmination of over 75 years of producing exceptional internal combustion sports cars.

Embracing Heritage and Innovation

Inspired by the legendary racing Jaguar E-types from the 1960s. The final limited-edition F-TYPE ZP Edition boasts a supercharged V8 engine with 575PS of power. The vehicle, customized by Jaguar’s SV Bespoke division. Moreover, it is available in just 150 exclusive units during the F-TYPE’s farewell production year in 2024.

A Nod to History

The F-TYPE ZP Edition draws its design inspiration from the 1960s racing heritage. Additionally, by offering exclusive Oulton Blue or Crystal Grey paint colors. These distinct choices, along with contrasting interiors, mirror the limited-edition E-type Project ZP Collection, previously introduced by Jaguar Classic.

Exquisite Details

The SV Bespoke enhancements are truly exceptional, with unique interiors, hand-painted racing-style door roundels, F-TYPE ZP Edition branding, ‘One of 150’ commissioning plaques, and a one-of-a-kind wheel finish. Further, these details encapsulate the essence of Jaguar’s motorsport history and showcase the brand’s commitment to delivering luxury and performance in equal measure.

The Final Bow

Jaguar’s F-TYPE ZP Edition stands as the ultimate tribute to a lineage. That has captivated sports car enthusiasts for over a decade, just as the iconic E-type did half a century ago. Moreover, this limited-edition model joins a prestigious list of heritage-inspired collector’s editions. Such as the 2015 Project 7 and the 2020 Heritage 60 Edition.

Conclusion: A Grand Farewell to a Legendary Lineage

As Jaguar makes its historic transformation into a modern luxury all-electric brand starting in 2025. The Jaguar F-TYPE ZP Edition represents a poignant and unrepeatable celebration of Jaguar’s internal combustion sports car heritage. Moreover, with its breathtaking design, powerful engine, and attention to detail. This limited edition model offers a fitting farewell to a storied era of internal combustion sports cars. It’s a testament to Jaguar’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence. Further, embracing a more sustainable, electrified future while paying homage to its illustrious past. Rawdon Glover, Managing Director of Jaguar, aptly sums up this momentous transition, and the F-TYPE ZP Edition, as a final, grand salute to a remarkable lineage.

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