The India launch of Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter delayed

Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

Around a year ago, Yamaha India Chairman Eishin Chihana announced the company’s plans to introduce the Yamaha Neo electric scooter in India. However, since then, several significant developments have taken place, particularly in India’s legal framework and financial support for electric vehicles. As a result, Yamaha’s original intentions have undergone some changes.

Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

Initially, the plan was to export an Indianized version of the stylish Neo scooter. Chihana had assured us that it would have a longer range compared to the 37 km offered by the Euro-spec model. However, matching the 100 km range claims made by their competitors seemed to be a challenge. Over time, Yamaha realized that the preferences of EV buyers in India differed from those in Europe.

While European buyers were motivated by environmental concerns, Indian consumers were primarily driven by low operational costs due to the high price of fuel. This insight prompted Yamaha to focus on creating a product that was not only economical. But also fun, fashionable, and athletic, embodying the true essence of a Yamaha vehicle.

Yamaha has already commenced work on this project for the Indian market. But it is expected to take two to three years to complete. Although the extended wait for a Yamaha e-scooter may be frustrating for some, it is undoubtedly a necessary step. While the Neo scooter was visually appealing, it fell short in terms of performance and range compared to the leading EVs currently available in India.


Yamaha’s shift in strategy reflects their understanding of the unique demands of the Indian market. By prioritizing factors such as style, performance, and affordability, Yamaha aims to deliver a product. That caters to the aspirations of Indian consumers. While it may take some time for the new Yamaha e-scooter to become a reality. However, the company’s revised approach promises to result in a more compelling and competitive offering in the Indian electric vehicle market.

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