The Launch Of Hyundai Pavilion On The Metaverse Space

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The Launch Of Hyundai Pavilion On The Metaverse Space

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is India’s pioneer smart mobility solutions provider and the 2nd largest exporter since its inception. Announcing the launch of Hyundai Pavilion on the Metaverse space – Hyundai Mobility Adventure (on Roblox platform).

The Hyundai Pavilion on metaverse shall be live parallel to the Auto Expo’23. Hyundai has created an immersive virtual city, The Hyundai Mobility Adventure. That shall propel the users to experience the thrill of Web 3.0 with Hyundai’s five flagship models. That comprises IONIQ 6, IONIQ 5, NEXO, TUCSON, and VENUE N Line. Additionally, at Hyundai SPOTLIGHT the visitors can enjoy musical event.

Further, the Hyundai Pavilion on Metaverse shall announce the much-awaited all-electric SUV Hyundai IONIQ 5. Moreover, it shall be accessible to users to experience unique features like pump-to-plug revolution and V2L (vehicle-to-load) technology. Showcasing India’s futuristic transformation in the automotive landscape. Hyundai IONIQ 5 will be Hyundai’s first all-electric SUV to be introduced under the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). An innovative system exclusively developed for next-gen battery electric vehicles that will usher in a new era of clean mobility.

Moreover, as India rolls the wheels for Auto Expo 2023, Hyundai Motor India is all set to showcase the enthralling and interactive Metaverse experience of the Auto Expo 2023 to the forefront at Hyundai Mobility Adventure on Roblox. Hyundai Mobility Adventure is an immersive virtual city on Roblox by Hyundai. That comprises zones for users to experience the future of mobility using technologies. That is intelligent, advanced and future-ready that goes beyond mobility.

Festive Square

The Festive Square shall be the gateway to Hyundai’s immersive virtual city. That allows users to navigate through the event and experiences. Further, allows them to interact with various offerings at Hyundai Mobility Adventure.

Hyundai Pavilion

The 2nd zone, a virtual on-ground Hyundai Pavilion consists of six pillars – The Clean Mobility, The ADAS zone, Hyundai Spotlight, SPOT, Digital car life and the Future of Mobility. Further, the event zone shall showcase the digitized models of Hyundai cars- IONIQ 6, IONIQ 5, NEXO, TUCSON, and VENUE N Line. Moreover, as an aspect of the event, interactive mini-games shall allow visitors to experiment with Hyundai’s high-tech features. Like the V2L technology & air purification by fuel cell electric. Further, the zone shall exhibit a photo booth where visitors can participate in fun photo sessions and shop at the merchandise store. Additionally, the visitors can also get access to detailed information by non-player characters for Hyundai BlueLink, myHyundai App and other zones.

India Culture Zone

India Culture Zone, will engage the users in fun-filled activities such as Yoga, dance and savoring local Indian cuisine. Further, the 3rd zone boasts of an iteration of Hyundai’s remarkable Namaste sculpture signifying Hyundai’s ‘Progress for Humanity’ vision. As its a collectively shared virtual zone, Hyundai Mobility Adventure welcomes all users to meet & communicate with each other as their favorite’s avatars.

Hyundai Mobility Adventure visitors can navigate between various zones and test-drive Hyundai’s future-ready cars to get the hands-on feel of Hyundai’s best-in-class features. With this path-breaking innovation in the automotive sector, Hyundai aims to elevate the customer experience.


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