The Porsche Cayenne 4th Generation To Be Built In Bratislava

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The Porsche Cayenne 4th Generation To Be Built In Bratislava
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Porsche AG is setting the path for the further electrification of its lineup. The sports car manufacturer Porsche has decided to build the 4th Generation all-electric Cayenne at Volkswagen Slovakia’s multi-brand location in Bratislava.

After the Taycan (beginning around 2019), the Macan (in 2024) and the 718 (around a decade), the Cayenne will be Porchse’s 4th generation line with an all-electric powertrain. Porsche has previously reported a further all-electric SUV over the Cayenne for the next decade. These will be built at the Porsche manufacturing plant in Leipzig.

Albrecht Reimold, Porsche Board – Production and Logistics

Albrecht, is aware of the potential of the multi-brand plant in Bratislava. He was the Chairman and part of the Executive Board of technology at Volkswagen Slovakia from 2012 to 2016. “The plant in Bratislava has done remarkable work in recent times with achieving several awards too. Bratislava shall manufacture the future Cayenne that will its first all-electric SUV. The team is precisely prepared to get the gen-next at starting line” says Reimold.

The Cayenne has been stepping its imprint on the sporty SUV category for more than 20 years. The success story stays undimmed. With 95,604 conveyed units in 2022 its anniversary year. Further, the Cayenne posted the most appealing vehicle among all Porsche line-ups. The Cayenne connection with Bratislava has been since the production commenced in 2002. With the third era of the SUV, creation moved completely to Bratislava in 2017. Further the site manufactured combustion engines and plug-in Hybrid powertrains.

Further, the plant in Slovakia is preparing itself for the commencement of series production of the widely overhauled new Cayenne. Following its initiation in 2017, Porsche has now essentially overhauled the third era of the SUV. The extensive measures influencing its powertrain, design, chassis, connectivity and equipment. As well as realigning the drive portfolio with burning engines and hybrid drives that are powerful yet efficient. The Porsche engineers at the development center in Weissach made significant updates to the Cayenne’s chassis framework.


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