The second Re.Wi.Re. facility by Tata Motors in Bhubaneswar

Tata Motors Re.Wi.Re launched at Bhubaneshwar
The second Re.Wi.Re. facility by Tata Motors in Bhubaneswar

Tata Motors, a leading automobile manufacturer in India, continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable mobility. Further, Tata Motors, launch its second Re.Wi.Re Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. ‘Re.Wi.Re – Recycle with Respect,’ is an advanced facility inaugurated by Smt Tukuni Sahu, the Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources, Commerce & Transport, Govt. of Odisha. Additionally, delegates from the Government of Odisha and Tata Motors graced the event.

With a strong focus on environmentally friendly processes, this state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to safely and sustainably disassemble 10,000 end-of-life vehicles each year. Developed and operated in collaboration with Tata Motors’ partner Empreo Premium. The RVSF is capable of scrapping end-of-life passenger and commercial vehicles of all brands. This momentous launch follows the success of the first facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and signifies another significant milestone in the company’s sustainable initiatives.

Re.Wi.Re. (Recycle with respect)

Re.Wi.Re. is a cutting-edge facility specifically designed for dismantling end-of-life passenger and commercial vehicles across all brands. While prioritizing environmentally friendly practices. It stands as a testament to Tata Motors’ dedication to reducing its environmental impact and embracing modern technologies. The facility operates on a fully digital platform, ensuring all operations are seamless and paperless, thereby minimizing unnecessary waste.

Additionally, the facility has dedicated stations for the safe dismantling of various components of a vehicle such as tyres, batteries, fuel, oils, liquids, and gases. These dedicated areas ensure each vehicle undergoes a meticulous documentation and dismantling process. Further, its tailored to meet the specific requirements of passenger and commercial vehicles. As a result, the process guarantees maximum attention to detail and the safe disposal of all components, further contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

The establishment of the Re.Wi.Re. facility represents a break through towards fostering sustainable practices within the automotive industry. By emphasizing eco-friendly processes and efficient disposal methods, Tata Motors showcases its dedication to being an environmentally responsible player in the market. This commitment aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, promote circular economies, and preserve natural resources for future generations.

Tata Motors’ initiative aligns with India’s broader efforts to address the pressing issue of vehicular pollution. Further, creating an impact on air quality and public health. The scrapping of end-of-life vehicles through technologically advanced facilities like Re.Wi.Re.  Basically, not only reduces harmful emissions but also encourages the recycling and reuse of valuable materials. This approach creates a positive ripple effect, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the environmental burden associated with vehicle manufacturing.

Bhubaneswar Facility

Furthermore, the launch of the Re.Wi.Re. facility in Bhubaneswar is a testament to Tata Motors’ dedication to regional development and collaboration with local governments. By establishing these facilities in different parts of the country. Tata Motors contributes to the growth of local economies and generates employment opportunities. The presence of such state-of-the-art facilities also enhances the nation’s technological capabilities. Moreover, it reflects India’s commitment to transitioning towards a more sustainable future.

The success of the first RVSF in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has undoubtedly laid the groundwork for further expansion and replication of such facilities across the country. Tata Motors’ collaboration with Empreo Premium is a demonstration of the company’s willingness to work hand-in-hand with specialized partners. Further, to achieve common sustainability goals. It also reflects Tata Motors’ proactive approach in seeking solutions and making significant strides in environmental responsibility, even beyond regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, Tata Motors’ launch of the Re.Wi.Re. – Recycle with Respect facility in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is a commendable step towards fostering sustainable mobility in India’s automotive sector. Through cutting-edge technology, environmentally friendly practices, and a commitment to responsible recycling. Tata Motors sets a benchmark for the industry’s sustainable initiatives. By actively addressing the challenges of end-of-life vehicle management. Further, the company contributes to reduced pollution levels, resource conservation, and regional development. As Tata Motors continues its journey towards sustainability, it serves as an inspiring example for the automotive industry. Additionally, encouraging others to follow suit in building a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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