The Tata Nexon EV started A Thrilling Journey From K2K

Tata Nexon EV Kashmir to Kanyakumari
Tata Nexon EV to travel K2K

Tata Motor, India’s dominant automotive manufacturer and pioneer in the development of Electric Vehicles in India. Commencing an embarking challenge with its electric SUV, the Tata Nexon EV, from Srinagar to Kanyakumari. The Tata Nexon EV will go on a non-stop (halting for charging only) K2K journey from February 25th covering 4000km in 4 days.

This shall set the fastest K2K driving record by an electric vehicle. Moreover, Tata Motors has increased the range of Nexon EV to 453 km for a hassle-free experience. Tata Power is systematically improving its highway charging infrastructure across the country. Further, Tata Group has been working towards making public charging stations ubiquitous and simply accessible.

The Purpose

Further, in this journey, the Nexon EV overcomes the Indian subcontinent’s harsh weather conditions and a variety of challenging terrain. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate that the Nexon EV can handle high-speed, long-distance travel and to highlight the availability of public charging networks across India. Additionally, Tata Motors is looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey with the Nexon EV, which offers an extended range of 453 km. A team of car enthusiasts, EV enthusiasts and a team from Tata Motors will navigate 4000 km from North to South India in a stipulated time. The aim is 1k km a day, which the team believes the Tata Nexon EV shall just breeze through. Further, Tata Motors is confident that this K2K drive shall spur Electric Vehicle adoption in India and become a popular choice for buyers.


With its unique ability and go-anywhere attitude, the Nexon EV is the perfect companion for this amazing expedition. Offering electrifying performance combined with a luxurious driving experience. Not only does it offer more range and performance, but it also supports fast charging for uninterrupted long-distance travel.

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